Attention Runners! Training for The Philly 10K officially starts Monday, June 19th! Mark your calendars and download our training plan, 10 Weeks to The Philly 10K, here.

Training Plan Rundown

Run Days: Mondays (easy runs), Wednesdays (speed work!), Saturdays (long runs)

Rest Days: Tuesdays, Fridays, Sundays

Optional Rest or Cross Train Day: Thursdays 

If you've never done speed work, these are runs with a faster pace. Each Wednesday during training you'll run the mileage on the plan with a few intervals at a faster pace or a tempo run (a longer interval of increased pace).

Follow the Philadelphia Runner facebook page and The Philly 10K facebook page for our favorite part of 10K training, summer pop-up runs! Our first one to Shake Shack on June 13th was a blast and we can't wait to announce our July run.

Check out our store calendar for more (free!) weekly and monthly group runs that are open to everyone! 

Happy training!