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  • Join the PR Team!

    If you’re an active person who loves running, walking, fitness and inspiring others to keep moving, join the team at Philadelphia Runner! We are always looking for new team members who have a passion for involvement in the local running and fitness community, helping others, and providing the highest level of customer service. Keep reading to learn more about available opportunities at PR and fill out the form below to submit your application for employment.



    Position: Fit Specialist

    Reports to: Assistant Store Manager, Store Manager

    To help guests achieve their health and fitness goals and create a premium in-store experience. This may mean the best fitness apparel and footwear, but it may also mean connecting with local running clubs, stretching and injury prevention or getting the most from their cross-training experience. Philadelphia Runner (PR) is a resource for making those goals possible and you are the guide to connect to those resources.



    • Greet every guest as they walk in the door in a timely manner using open-ended questions and learn about their goals. PR is more than shoes, we’re a wellness resource and you are the guide for those resources.

    • Continue to engage guests throughout their experience in-store. Use each contact as an opportunity to learn about the Guest’s goals

    • Utilize the training and education resources provided by PR to improve guest experiences and sales

    • Determine the specific needs of each guest and provide a full-fit solution and premium education experience that goes well beyond just shoes


    • At busy times, Specialists will need to work with multiple guests. If you feel that you cannot adequately help your guests or any unassisted guests it’s your responsibility to communicate this to your Assistant Manager

    • You will be accountable for all transactions completed under your name should there be any discrepancies at the end of the day. Please bring any anticipated issues to the Assistant Manager or Store Manager

    • Fit Specialists are expected to be on time and ready to work 10 minutes prior to the beginning of your shift.

    • All hourly employees can swap shifts pending the approval of your Store Manager, however, if you don’t get a shift covered, that shift is still your responsibility

    • If working a closing shift, Fit Specialists will help with all closing duties

    • Read and understand all PR-related communication in emails and attend staff meetings


    • Assist with on- and off-site events as needed (potentially before or after your shift) with our partners in the health and wellness community of Philadelphia

    • Maintain a working knowledge of local fitness resources and events to be able to give guests the best contacts, be it fitness training, running clubs or other connections


    • If not helping a Guest, check to make sure that the appearance of the store creates premium experience. This includes (but is not limited to) straightening/folding apparel, re-stocking socks, insoles, and accessories, changing lightbulbs, security tagging, and cleaning as needed

    • Assist with inventory shipments. The on-duty Assistant Manager will check in all shipments, but you may be asked to help security tag or organize new stock. Fit Specialists may be asked to lift boxes weighing up to 30 pounds

    • Keep the sales floor area, stockroom, and employee break room organized and clean at all times

    Philadelphia Runner recognizes that YOU are our most important resource in connecting to the greater Philadelphia community. In support of you, PR senior staff meet with all staff to ensure that you are happy and successful both inside and outside of the store. PR does monthly staff trainings, meetings and product seeding to ensure that you can reach your goals.  Balance and community are important for overall wellness. PR places a premium on staff self-care and creating an environment where staff are supported inside and outside of the store.

    PR is an equal opportunity employer and for the appropriate individual also offers benefits packages for full time positions. If you are interested in joining the PR team, please fill out and submit the form below.

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