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  • Philadelphia Area Running Clubs

    There is a running group in the greater Philadelphia area for pretty much everyone. As the running movement spreads throughout the city, groups are popping up everywhere bringing runners together to get in a few miles and meet some friends. Here is our most up to date list of the groups in the city. Want your club to be added to the list? Tell us!

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    PR Center City
    When: Thursdays at 6 p.m.
    Where: 1711 Walnut Street
    Details: 3 to 5 miles, all paces

    PR Manayunk
    When: Thursdays at 6:30 p.m.
    Where: 4358 Main Street
    Details: 3 to 5 miles, all paces

    PR University City
    When: Wednesdays at 6 p.m.
    Where: 3621 Walnut Street
    Details: 3 to 5 miles, all paces

    PR Glen Mills
    When: 3rd Saturday of the month at 7:30AM
    Where: Brandywine Conservancy
    Details:  Trail Run, all paces


    Team Philly Race Training

    TEAM PHILLY Race Training was created to support the Philadelphia areas beginner to intermediate runners in their aspirations of improving their running and living healthier lives. Powered by Philly legends Philadelphia Runner and The Rothman Institute, this comprehensive and unparalleled program includes: running coaching, training plans, group runs, and workshops on topics such as: fitness cross-training and strength conditioning, gear, sports psychology, and injury prevention and treatment.

    When: Wednesday 6pm, Saturday 8am

    Where: Wednesday - Philadelphia Runner, University City. Saturday - either Lloyd Hall, or the Philly Runner University City.

    Details: Wednesdays 3-5 Miles, Saturdays vary from 6-20 Miles depending on the time of year and what distance you are training for.

    Cost: It varies on plan, check out our website: runsignup.com/Club/PA/Philadelphia/TeamPhillyTraining

    Instagram: @teamphillyruns
    Website: teamphillyruns.com


    Philadelphia Runner Track Club

    PRTC offers training groups, sponsorship support, and community to its membership. We compete both as a team and individually on the local and national levels. Common race goals include USATF cross country, track, and road competitions. PRTC also hosts social events and offers volunteer opportunities. Mission: To promote and foster the development of adult runners in their pursuit of ever-faster times, team championships, and Olympic dreams. Philadelphia Runner Track Club and its members strive in their efforts, athletic and otherwise, to bring recognition to the club, its members, its sponsors and affiliates, as well as its friends and the greater Philadelphia community.

    When: Tuesday 6:30pm Track Practice, Sunday 9am Long Run

    Where: Tuesday Franklin Field, Sunday Lloyd Hall

    Details: Membership is $160/year. The distance of our runs varies! Workouts will range from 7-11 miles while long runs will range from 10-16 miles.

    Instagram: @phillyrunnertc
    Website: www.philadelphiarunnertrackclub.com


    ACCT Philly Runners

    Volunteer-run team enriching the lives of adoptable running dogs while they await their forever homes, foster, or rescue at ACCT Philly.

    When: Varies.

    Where: ACCT Philly, 111 W Hunting Park Avenue, Philadelphia PA

    Details: Volunteers must go through orientation.

    Instagram: @acctphillyrunners
    Facebook: www.facebook.com/acctphillyrunners


    Benny Bridge Crew

    "The cure for the Sunday Scaries"
    If you want to add some spice to your running routine (or just meet spicy people), and start the week on a high note, join us. But also, if you like sunrises, bridges, or coffee, join us. We welcome and encourage all paces - we stop to gather several times during the run including a picture near the middle of the Bridge. We also head to a local coffee shop after ending at City Hall. The name/IG account came about via GroupMe poll in September 2018, but some form of the group has been running the Bridge since late 2015.

    When: Monday, 6:05am (City Hall) | 6:20am (Bridge)

    Where: East side of City Hall (rain or shine)

    Details: Free to join! Typical distances 5 miles out-and-back to Camden | 3 miles just the Bridge

    Instagram: @bennybridgecrew
    Strava: strava.com/clubs/556596


    Bensalem Girlies Running Club

    Our mission is to provide a safe space for women to run and to meet others with similar interests. All paces are welcome! We often host giveaways and raffles.

    When: April through November - Wednesday 6:30pm. Monthly meetups in the off season.

    Where: Holy Ghost Prep Track, Bensalem PA

    Details: Free to join. Track workouts ranging between 3-4 Miles; Monthly meetups about 3-5 Miles

    Instagram: @bensalemgirliesrc


    Black Girls Run! Philadelphia

    When: Almost daily group runs, check out the schedule here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/BGRPhiladelphia/

    Where: Various locations throughout the city

    Details: Free to join!


    Black Men Run Philadelphia

    Instagram: @bmr_phl

    When: Wednesdays at 6:00 p.m. and Saturdays at 6:30 a.m.

    Where: Wednesday @ Lloyd Hall and Saturday @ 33rd and Diamond Streets (Mander Playground by the bus stop)

    Details: Free to join!


    Chasing Trail

    We are an all inclusive group that runs the beautiful trails in the woods of the Wissahickon Valley Park. CT is a no drop group and believe that the beauty of a run in the woods is meant for everybody. All paces and all faces are welcome.

    When: Sunday 8:30am

    Where: Valley Green, Wissahickon Valley Park

    Details: Free to join. Typical distance 4-6 Miles

    Instagram: @chasingtrailPHL
    Website: chasingtrailphl.com


    Citywide Athletics

    We are a workout group that encourages creativity and individuality while creating community. Every member has the opportunity to lead if they want to; you can also just enjoy the workouts as a participant. We do everything from running to HIIT exercises to learning sports or dancing. The workouts are free and we move around the city weekly to ensure everyone gets a chance to join us.

    When: Thursday, 6:45am. Weekend runs are occasional and are posted on our Instagram.

    Where: Rotating locations throughout Philadelphia. If you lead, you choose our location!

    Details: Free to join. Average workout is anywhere from 0 to 1.5 miles, plus bodyweight work.

    Instagram: @citywideathletics


    Conshy Running

    Conshy Running was founded in April 2014. Our mission is to promote running and an active lifestyle within Conshy in a fun, no-pressure environment. We are as much about running as we are about making new friendships, and our goal is to cultivate a running community in the greater Conshohocken area. Conshy Running prides itself on its "all paces all faces" mentality and has a mission to support runners of all levels and capabilities.

    When & Where: Tuesday 6:30pm, Thursday 6:30pm, Sunday 9:00am. Conshohocken Brewery in Conshohocken, and location changes.

    Details: Free to join. Typical distance: 3-8 miles

    Instagram: @conshy_running
    Website: conshyrunning.com


    DetermiNation - American Cancer Society

    When you join DetermiNation, you become part of something bigger. Your efforts support the largest private source of cancer research funding in the world as well as a 24-7 cancer helpline, free rides to treatment, and overnight stays for cancer patients and their caregivers, among other initiatives to help end cancer as we know it for everyone. Team DetermiNation provides coaching, exclusive race weekend events, and VIP amenities on race day, all while making your miles more meaningful.

    When: Monthly

    Where: Yards Brewing Company

    Details: Free to join unless you are fundraising for a race bib! Typical distance: 3 Miles

    Instagram: @determinationphilly
    Website: www.acsdetermination.org


    Dry Run & Sober Social

    Philly's first and only run club that intentionally takes drinking out of the equation - without sacrificing the fun!

    When: First Saturday of the month

    Where: Varies

    Details: Free to join, typical distance is 3 miles.

    Instagram: @thedryrunphl



    Bringing community together by exposing people to trails and roads throughout the Greater Philly area. Running in new places can help people get out of their comfort zones and can lead to new experiences and fun! We run both roads and trails and all running paces are welcome. We usually meet up afterwards to try local coffee shops or cafes in the area we run to support the local community as well. We also have a nighttime running group, NightOwls where people can join us once a month on a Wednesday in the Wissahickon.

    When: Sunday 7am

    Where: New location each week

    Details: Free to join, typical runs are 1-2 Hours

    Instagram: @phlearlybirds
    Website: www.recoveryruncoaching.com/earlybirds


    East Falls Flyers

    The East Falls Flyers formed in July 2016 when four neighborhood runners, Nick Malfitano, Greg Skochko, Liz Vaden and Lisa Pankey, became acquainted through Facebook. They mutually recognized there was a desire for a social running club in East Falls and as one had not existed up until that point, created the club and set a date, time and post-run hangout location for the first meetup. When almost 15 people showed up to the inaugural run, they knew they were onto something and have been meeting on a weekly basis ever since.

    When: Mondays at 6:30pm

    Where: East Falls Bridge on the MLK Drive side

    Cost: $0

    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/EastFallsFlyers
    Instagram: @eastfallsflyers


    Endorphins Running

    Endorphins organizes weekly group runs in 8 cities throughout the United States. We meet every Monday morning. Despite being in different places we run together united by our mission of spreading positivity and happiness through movement and exercise.

    When: Monday 7:15am, Thursday 6:30pm, Saturday 8:00am

    Where: Philadelphia Museum of Art Rocky Steps on Monday, Yards Brewery on Thursday, City Hall on Saturday

    Details: Free to join, typical distance 4-5 miles and 10 - 12 for long runs

    Instagram: @endorphinsrunning
    Website: www.endorphinsrunning.com


    Fairmount Running Club

    We are Fairmount/Art Museum neighborhood's longstanding running group! Join us for any of our three weekly runs... they are fun and open to everyone!

    When: Tuesday 6:30am, Wednesday 6:30pm, Saturday 8:00am

    Where: Eastern State Penitentiary

    Details: Free to join, typical runs are 5 miles (longer run Saturday)

    Instagram: @fairmountrunningclubphl
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/runfairmount/
    Strava: www.strava.com/clubs/FairmountRunningClub


    Fishtown Beer Runners

    The Fishtown Beer Runners (FBR) is a running club combining running, socializing and philanthropy. FBR promotes and supports exercise; responsible enjoyment of beer; camaraderie and engagement; local businesses; and community charities. FBR values inclusion and diversity, and welcomes runners of all abilities and backgrounds regardless of race; color, national or ethnic origin, ancestry, age, religion, handicap, sex, sexual orientation or gender identity.

    When: Every Thursday at 7 PM

    Where: Fishtown start: Palmer Park 2346 E Susquehanna Ave, Philadelphia, PA / Center City start: City Hall / South Philly start: 7th & Bainbridge

    Details: Get to the end location, no questions asked! Typical distances are 3-5 miles

    Instagram: @fishtownbeerrunners
    Website: beerrunners.us


    Front Runners Philadelphia

    The Philadelphia Front Runners is a running group serving the LGBT+ community and allies in the greater Philadelphia area since 1983. With members of all ages and running abilities, we invite anyone who enjoys running/walking to join us for our weekly running and social events.

    When: Saturdays at 940am and Mondays at 7pm

    Where: Saturdays at Lloyd Hall and Mondays at William Way Community Center

    Details: Free to join.

    Instagram: @phillyfr
    Website: www.phillyfr.org


    Furthur Training And Racing

    We foster an environment where pushing your limits is normalized and where seeing personal improvement and the improvement of our teammates is the fun. We strive to find out how good we can become and utilize a team environment to all improve together.

    When: Wednesday 6:30am & Sunday 8am

    Where: Temple University Track & Lloyd Hall

    Details: Membership is $60/year, which is waived if the athlete receives coaching from Furthur Training and Racing.

    Instagram: @furthur_training_racing
    Website: www.furthurtraining.com


    Hike + Heal

    Hike + Heal is a diverse womens hiking group, offering healing hikes and grounding experiences to increase overall wellness: physically, mentally and spiritually. Since 2019, Hike + Heal has provided a safe haven for women to connect, share their experiences, and build a supportive sisterhood through outdoor activities and mindfulness experiences that prioritize self-care in nature.

    When: about 4 times per month.

    Where: Philadelphia and the tristate area.

    Details: Typically 3 mile hikes. Annual membership dues of $350 or pay as you go for certain events.

    Instagram: @hikeandheal
    Website: hikeandhealwellness.org


    Issa Run Crew

    Same team. Same dream.

    When: Mondays 6p, Thursdays 630p

    Where: Whole Foods by the Art Museum, Temple Sports Complex

    Details: Free to join, typical distance is 5K

    Instagram: @issaruncrew
    Website: issaruncrew.com


    Latinas In Motion

    Latinas in Motion was organized to encourage, inspire, and empower women to get active. According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Latinas have high rates of factors that increase the risk of developing heart disease, such as diabetes, obesity, and physical inactivity. Heart disease accounts for a third of all deaths among Latinas (2010). Latinas in Motion provides an atmosphere that contradicts these statistics and fosters a community of women living healthy lifestyles. We pride ourselves in exercise, good nutrition and taking care of self.

    When: Every other Saturday, 830am

    Where: Lorimer Park

    Details: Free to join.

    Instagram: @latinasinmotion
    Website: www.latinasinmotion.com


    LezRun Running Club

    We aim to run local, out of state and out of the country races to represent our community and show off our skills! We will train together for upcoming races and help each other reach personal goals. Besides running, we also like to socialize and will meet for happy hours, pasta dinners and after run brunch. Our focus is to provide LGBTQ+ athletes (newbies and vets) a safe, supportive and healthy outlet via running. So grab your running sneaks but leave your inhibitions at home and join us because running just got gayer!

    When: Saturday 8am

    Where: Lloyd Hall

    Details: Free to join.

    Instagram: @lezrun
    Website: facebook.com/LezRun


    Liberty Track Club

    We are an elite running club based in Philadelphia, PA, sponsored by FP Movement and fueled by UCAN. Our club members are training to be nationally competitive in their respective events, while also balancing full-time careers or school. We aim to provide a team culture for post-collegiate athletes pursuing USATF Championship and Olympic Trials qualifying times in events ranging from 800m to the marathon.

    When: Sunday, Tuesday Evening, Thursday Morning, Saturday Morning

    Where: Schuylkill River Trail or Wissahickon Valley Park

    Details: Typical distance 6-10 Miles, $50 Annual Fee

    Instagram: @libertytrackclub
    Website: www.libertytrackclub.com


    Manayunk Beer Runners

    The Manayunk Beer Runners (MBR), formed in 2016, is an official Beer Runners chapter and is inspired by the Fishtown Beer Runners (FBR). MBR combine responsible running and drinking in the interest of science! We host weekly runs of three to five miles, concluding each run at a local pub for a beer or two and a toast, ""To the Professor!"" The primary mission is to test and promote the results of the scientific research study conducted by Manuel J Castillo-Garzon, MD, Professor of Medical Physiology, School of Medicine, University of Granada, Spain. The study said that beer and water have similar rehydration effects which compared a moderate amount of beer (660 ML) to the same amount of water.

    When & Where: Monday nights at 6:30pm. The entrance to the tow path next to the barbershop across from Blondie.

    Details: Free to join. Typical distance: 3-5 miles

    Instagram: @manayunkbeerrunners
    Website: facebook.com/groups/ManayunkBeerRunners


    Manayunk Running Club

    Our group ranges in age and ability including; those new to the sport, those returning after a break, and even veteran racers. No matter your speed, we all like to run, and like that you want to also!

    When: Tuesdays and Thursdays, 630pm

    Where: Tuesdays at J.D. McGillicuddy's Manayunk, Thursdays at Philly Runner Manayunk

    Details: Free to join.

    Instagram: @manayunkrunningclub
    Website: facebook.com/groups/25848602132


    Me Vs Me Training Club

    Me Vs Me Training Club (MvM) was created by a group of likeminded friends with aspirations of not only bettering their health, but also the health of those around them. Started as a phrase, MvM goal is to break the stigma of the average runner by providing an all inclusive invitation to anyone looking to better themselves. Each member, upon initiation, will be privy to a network of runners, as well as gym enthusiasts, looking to lend a helping hand to whoever is motivated to become 1% better. Free to the public, we hope to inspire the community at large; letting you know that your biggest obstacle is yourself, no matter what.

    When: Sunday, 10am

    Where: Art Museum / Kelly Drive

    Details: Free to join, 3-5 miles easy pace

    Instagram: @Mvm.trainingclub


    Mens Night Run Club

    Mens Night Run Club was created to have a safe space for guys to be able to come meet other likeminded guys, have a safe space to vent and express themselves while getting a good run in.

    When: Thursdays at 8pm.

    Where: Outside of the Wayward Hotel (12th & Ludlow Streets).

    Details: Free to join.

    Instagram: @mensnightrunclub


    Mural Miles

    Mural Miles is a nonprofit running and art curation group with a mission to inspire human potential through community fitness and art. Their monthly runs combine fitness and art education, as they visit murals and public art around Philadelphia. They also partner with organizations to curate new works of public art in an effort to give back to the creative community.

    When: Once a month, days/time vary, details posted on Instagram

    Where: Varies monthly, details posted on Instagram

    Details: Free to join, typical distance 3-5 Miles

    Instagram: @muralmiles
    Website: www.muralmiles.org


    Nemesis Fitness

    The Nemesis Fitness team, led by Paul Redford Jr., is a fitness movement that started in the City of Reading. The Nemesis team hosts free community fun run events that attract runners of all ages and walks of life. They also host free weekly run sessions for anyone looking to get active and have fun. Nemesis Fitness is not just about exercise; it's a movement that signifies resilience, determination, empowerment, and achievement with its mantra, ""Could. Would. Should. DID."" This group exemplifies the profound impact fitness can have on a community by spreading positivity and instilling a sense of unity."

    When: Sunday 5pm, Tuesday 6pm, Thursday 6pm, Saturday 6am

    Where: Reading, PA - Lets Taco Bout It Sunday & Tuesday, Flannery Field Thursday, Doubletree Hotel Saturday

    Details: Free to join, typical distance is 3 Miles

    Instagram: @nemesisetc
    Website: www.nemesisfitness.com


    Northern Liberties Run Club

    When: Thursday, 630pm

    Where: Liberty Lands Park (near the corner of 3rd Street & W Wildey Street)

    Details: Free to join.

    Instagram: @northern_liberties_run_club
    Website: facebook.com/groups/5253581568050435


    November Project Philadelphia

    There are no prerequisites for showing up to November Project. No matter who you are, where you are from, or what fitness level you are at, we want you to show up wholly as you are. We are continuously working towards being a more inclusive environment by welcoming all, regardless of their fitness level, age, race, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, religion, or political beliefs, and expect all our members to appreciate that diversity.

    When: Wednesday & Friday at 6:25am

    Where: Wednesdays at the Art Museum, Fridays rotating locations around the city

    Details: Free fitness! Our workouts include a mix of body weight and running. You'll get anyway where from 1-2.5 miles in each workout

    Instagram: @novemberprojectphilly
    Website: november-project.com/philadelphia-pa/


    Original Propaganda Athletic Club

    Original Propaganda Athletic Club was created to cultivate an equally competitive environment for athletes of all skill levels. Here a Couch-To-5Ker gets the same respect as a Boston Qualifier. And an ultra-marathoner is not agitated with someone taking his or her first steps. All facets of sport are encompassed under the overall objective of O.P.A.C. Running is our primary platform. Our mission: Foster an elite, equally competitive environment for our family members, serve as a vehicle for athletes to become and remain involved in an organized team atmosphere, create an energetic culture of activity and identity without limitation of sport, and become a part of Philadelphias cultural fabric with sport, fashion, entertainment, and social activism.

    When: Saturday - 845a meet, 9a movement

    Where: Eakins Oval

    Details: Free to join. Movement Options: 1.5-Mile Walk, 2.23-Mile Run/Walk, 3.1-Mile Run, Long Run (mileage varies each week)

    Instagram: @originalpropagandaathleticclub
    Website: origprop.org
    Strava: strava.com/clubs/OPAC


    Passyunk Beer And Java Runners

    You can expect casual running, casual stretching and casual dining. You can expect to meet a variety of friendly people and dogs. You can expect to visit a multitude of bars on Tuesday nights but only one cafe on Thursday mornings (Black & Brew). We mostly live in South Philly, though anyone is welcome. Our runs can be as few as 5-10 runners with over 50 on a day with nice weather, but usually between 20-30 runners. We are pretty evenly split between men and women, and usually pace between 9/10-minute milers to 12-minute milers.

    When: Tuesday evenings at 7:00pm and Thursday morning at 6:30am

    Where: The Singing Fountain at Passyunk & Tasker

    Details: Free to join. We sell t-shirts once in a while, but thats at cost. Sometimes we fundraise for animals and parks too. Typical distance between 3 and 5 miles, organized by a volunteer of the group that changes weekly

    Website: facebook.com/groups/729148307215103/


    Pennypack Trail Runners

    PTRs aim is to provide a fun and safe atmosphere for runners of all levels to meet enjoy the wonderful trail system our park has to offer. We follow an all paces/all faces motto. We also have a very active Facebook page where members ask for advice, post runs/pics, share relevant memes, talk gear, talk food etc.

    When: Saturday, 730am

    Where: The Pine Road entrance to Pennypack Park (8750 Pine Road)

    Details: Free to join.

    Instagram: @pennypacktrailrunners
    Facebook: facebook.com/groups/pennypacktrailrunners
    Website: pennypacktrailrunners.com


    Philly Achilles

    Our group consists of athletes with disabilities (such as visual or hearing impairments, cognitive disabilities, and wheeled athletes), and a set of volunteer guides. Each week when we meet for our workouts, the athletes will let us know what mileage and pace they plan to run, and we will match them up with volunteer guides. Then all the groups head outside and start their runs, which typically go to Kelly Drive. We also participate in several races per year. Volunteers who come regularly earn the privilege of guiding an Achilles athlete in a race!

    When: Saturday, 9am

    Where: 1601 Chestnut Street

    Details: Free to join.

    Instagram: @phillyachilles
    Website: phillyachilles.com


    Philly Runners

    Philly Runners is a Center City-based running club with three weekly runs departing from the bottom of the Art Museum steps. Everyone is always welcome at all of our runs, regardless of the distance you plan to run or the pace at which you run. We dont charge any dues. We dont even have an official membership list. Just come and run with us any time!

    We have members who run multiple marathons each year and members who don't run any races. We have members who run with us once a month and others who regularly come to all three runs each week. We run all year round, so no matter the weather, if you run with our club, you will always have someone to run with.

    When: Tuesday at 630pm, Thursday at 630pm, Saturday at 9am

    Where: At the bottom of the Art Museum Steps, on the right, by the sign with the musuem's hours.

    Details: Free to join. Dinner/Drinks after the Tuesday run. Coffee/Breakfast at Cosmic Cafe at Lloyd Hall after the Saturday run.

    Instagram: @phillyrunnersclub
    Facebook: www.facebook.com/groups/7681773458
    Website: phillyrunners.org


    Philly Slow Girl Run Club

    Philly Slow Girl Run Club is an all-inclusive and non-intimidating run club that runs at a more slower and casual pace.

    When: Wednesday at 7pm, Saturday at 9am. Check their Instagram for all run dates/times!

    Where: Philadelphia Art Museum

    Details: Free to join, typical distance is 2 Miles

    Instagram: @phillyslowgirlrunclub


    Philly Track Jawn

    Philly Track Jawn is a run club dedicated to empowering the Philadelphia community through fitness, connection, and collaboration.

    Our free track workouts, designed by certified coaches, accommodate all fitness levels with pace groups ranging from 5:00 to 15:00 per mile. Whether youre aiming to complete your first 5k, beat your last half marathon time, or qualify for the Boston Marathon, we have a space for you.

    So join us for our weekly Track Tuesday session at 6:30pm at Temple University's Sports Complex. Stay up to date by completing our info form.

    When: Tuesday 6:30pm

    Where: Temple University's Sports Complex

    Details: Free to join.

    Instagram: phillytrackjawn

    Website: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfjnZatvQta5wgv7nPXOVeDb3pLKVlG-D3OS9GXAbzb6r3SOw/viewform


    Philly Turtle Runners

    Runners based in University City

    When: Saturday 7:30-8:00am

    Where: 3205 Walnut Street

    Details: Free to join, typical distance is 5-8 Miles

    Instagram: @philly_turtlerunners


    Point Breeze Runners

    Point Breeze's premier running club! We run rain or shine and aim to help anyone and everyone reach their running goals!

    When: Monday 6:30pm, Saturday 8am

    Where: Manton Green (17th and Manton)

    Details: Free to join, Distances: Monday 3 & 5 Miles / Saturday 10+ Miles

    Instagram: @pointbteezerunners
    Website: pointbreezerunners.straw.page


    Queer Run

    Queer Run started in April 2022 and is dedicated to creating safe spaces for LGBTQIA+ runners of all levels and our allies who seek a fun, safe running community. We welcome people from every background and all running paces. Come join us for one of our free weekly group runs and social events!

    When: Monday 7pm, Wednesday 6pm, Thursday 6am

    Where: Monday - Rittenhouse Square Park (March mid-October) and William Way LGBT Community Center in Center City (late-October February), Wednesday - Philadelphia Runner on Main Street in Manayunk, Thursday - Southwest corner of Love Park

    Details: Free to join. All are welcome! Monday & Wednesday 3.1 Miles, Thursday 4 Miles. We offer shorter routes for those who need or prefer them, too.

    Instagram: @queerrun
    Website: www.queerrun.com


    Run & Chug

    We're a Run Club that likes to have Fun!

    When: Every Wednesday Night at 7pm

    Where: We meet at a different bar every week

    Details: Free to join! Typical distances: 2 & 4.5-Mile options

    Instagram: @runchugphl



    RUN610 is composed of different people with all levels of ability coming together from the starting line to the finish- whether that line is at a race or walking out the door.

    We run short. We run long. We are veterans. We are beginners. We run solo. We run with buddies.

    We tell our story, one stride at a time, sharing smiles, support and encouragement, hugs, laughter, tears, goals, fitness and nutrition tips, races, running gadgets and apps, apparel, questions and concerns, accomplishments and failures.

    We are never alone. We never give up. We Run.
    We are runners who help others by giving to those in need.
    We are RUN610.

    Details: Free to join.

    Instagram: @runsixoneoh
    Website: facebook.com/groups/286200541767108


    South Philly Striders

    The South Philly Striders are a running club serving the neighborhoods of South Philadelphia, Queen Village, Society Hill, Old City, Washington Square, Northern Liberties and more. We are the only organized running group east of Broad Street in downtown Philadelphia. Our members formed South Philly Striders to bring together runners to train in a fun and safe environment.

    Runners of all abilities are welcome! We are a diverse club made up of competitive runners, long time members who just want to stay in shape and new runners training for their first race

    When: Tuesday at 615am, Wednesday at 630pm, Thursday at 615am, Saturday at 8am

    Where: Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday runs that leave from Front and South Streets. Wednesday run meets at 6th and Race Streets and runs across the Ben Franklin Bridge (the Travis Bridge Club)

    Details: Free to join. Our running routes include Historic Penns Landing, the scenic Ben Franklin Bridge, Penn Treaty Park and FDR Park. Distances run are tailored to the members who come to the run, generally average anywhere from 2 to 7 miles on weekday mornings and 3 to 10 or more miles on Saturdays. Socially, we often grab breakfast after our Saturday runs at the South Street Diner, and we organize group pre- and post-event gatherings during major races.

    Instagram: @southphillystriders
    Website: southphillystriders.com


    Students Run Philly Style

    The mission of Students Run Philly Style (SRPS) is to transform students lives through mentorship over miles of long distance running and achievement. SRPS pairs young people, in grades 6-12, with adult, volunteer Mentors to train for a long-distance race. Through running, mentoring and goal setting, SRPS helps young people build confidence, connect with their community and establish long-term healthy habits. SRPS is free including running shoes, race entries and transportation, to and from events, to all enrolled.

    Where: Varies by team location

    When: Varies by team location

    Details: Mentors must complete background checks, orientation & leadership training to join.

    Instagram: @studentsrunphl
    Website: www.studentsrunphilly.org


    Swagga House Run Club

    Swagga House run Club was founded in July 2020 from the tattoo studio by the same name to honor a close friend / fellow runner who died by suicide. Our purpose is to spread the word on the mental health and therapeutic benefits of Running & being active. We strive to create a culture of encouragement and support. Our purposes create an inclusive platform within our community that will help to empower and motivate all.

    When: One monthly Sunday morning event @ 8am

    Where: Various locations

    Details: Absolutely no cost, Only requirement is your energy. Typical distance: 5K & 5 Miles

    Instagram: @swaggahouse_run_club
    Website: swaggahouserunclub.com


    T3 Philly Multisport

    T3 Philly is a multisport club that has a diverse membership, ranging from beginning athletes to top age groupers, and includes triathletes, duathletes, and other endurance athletes who just want to work out and compete as a team. We strive to provide guidance to newer athletes to the sport and pride ourselves on our open and welcoming nature. Our members compete in local, regional and national races of all distances, from Ironman to the shortest of sprints.

    T3s mission is to support, encourage, and empower all members, as well as the multisport community at large, through training, racing, education, and community outreach. We aspire to promote the following ideals:
    - Have fun
    - Maintain, improve and expand training and social opportunities for all levels
    - Empower members
    - Promote diversity and community outreach

    When: Tuesdays, 6pm - Track Tuesday. We also meet to ride on Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 6am, and often have weekend long rides and runs

    Where: For Track Tuesday, we alternate weekly between Penn Park and Temple Track. Our Tuesday/Thursday morning bike rides meet at the Trellis (Schuylkill Banks Pergola)

    Details: You are welcome to come and try a workout free of charge. If you choose to join T3, yearly membership is $60, inclusive of swag items, socials, training events, etc.! Typical distances: 2-7 miles. For Track Tuesday, we offer a shorter and a longer workout, and members are welcome to choose what suits their training best!

    Instagram: @t3philly
    Website: t3philly.org


    TBR Philly

    TBR Philly is a local, independent road runner club that offers a place for walkers and runners to get together in an informal, no-pressure, relaxed environment. We promote local running events, occasionally engage in fitness challenges (planks, pushups) provide training information and a chance for runners of all levels to meet new people and to motivate each other to meet our own running and fitness goals.

    When: Wednesday, 7pm

    Where: Check Facebook for each week's location.

    Details: Free to join.

    Instagram: @tbrphilly
    Website: facebook.com/groups/tbrphilly


    Trail Sisters Philadelphia

    Our group continues to grow, which has allowed us to become diverse in experience and perspective. We have 5 group leaders who plan and lead trail runs and events, and engage with our group on social media. Most of our non-running engagement is on our Facebook page, which is a terrific place to ask questions about races, routes, gear, etc., find running partners, or plan run meetups.

    Trail Sisters as an organization has done incredible work to make trail running more equitable for women. Gina and team have worked hard to create a standard for Trail Sisters Approved Races, which include equal podium spots, equal prize money & awards, womens specific swag & apparel, menstrual products at aid stations, and equal opportunity/space for women on the starting line. Race Directors can have their races approved and then those races appear on the Trail Sisters Race Calendar.

    When: Sunday, 730a

    Where: Wissahickon Park and other events throughout the region.

    Details: Free to join.

    Instagram: @trail_sisters_philadelphia
    Website: facebook.com/groups/tsphiladelphiapa


    VCPM, Inc.'s Game Changers

    The Game Changers program provides resources and funds so more Women of Color can become Certified Run Coaches thus redefining who is seen as the experts & leaders in the run industry.

    When: Applications open every August/September.

    Where: We are a nationwide program.

    Details: The program is 9 months which includes certification funding, business strategy and mentorship from fellow Women of Color certified run coaches.

    Instagram: @vcpmitchell
    Website: vcpm.com/game-changers


    The Way She Runs

    Monthly meet-ups to support your spiritual well-being. Together, we Run, Meditate, & Caffeinate!

    When: Twice a month, Friday's @ 7AM

    Where: Center of Rittenhouse Square

    Details: Free to join, typical distance: 3 miles

    Instagram: @theway_sheruns


    West Chester Multisport

    For Women, By Women

    The founders of West Chester Women's Multisport, LLC, Sam and Melissa, began participating in the sport of triathlon several years ago. We genuinely enjoy the camaraderie found through the pursuit of common physical fitness endeavors, especially triathlon training. And so it began, a couple of girls with a dream... to share this awesome sport with other women.

    We will help motivate you to start taking further steps towards achieving your goals. What will be your next step? Run a mile, a 5k, a 10k or more? Learn to swim, swim better or gain confidence in open water? Try a spinning class or dust off that bike and hit the trail? Whatever your next steps are, it will be worth the time and effort it takes. No matter what your starting point or goals, weve got your back and will help you to achieve your personal best. We believe we are happier and healthier moms, wives, sisters, daughters and friends for taking the time to improve ourselves through physical activity and triathlon training. This, in turn, energizes us to better support our families and community at large.

    WCWMS is here to support you on your journey.

    When: Variable

    Where: All over. We have members in Chester, Delaware, Mongomery, Buck Countys, as well as Delaware.

    Details: $25 to join.

    Facebook: facebook.com/westchesterwomensmultisport
    Website: wcwms.com


    West Philly Runners

    Every Wednesday evening at 6:30 pm, we meet at Clark Park for a group run. We run a new set of 2, 4 and 6 mile routes each week. All three distances start together and end at the same place. Come out for a run with us, no matter your experience level. We welcome all runners; our runners typically run 10 minutes/mile or faster. We are inspired in large part by our friends the Fishtown Beer Runners and the South Philly Striders.

    When: Wednesdays, 6:30pm

    Where: Clark Park, 4300-4398 Baltimore Ave, Philadelphia PA

    Details: Free to join! Typical distances are 2, 4, and 6 miles

    Instagram: @westphillyrunners
    Website: www.westphillyrunners.com


    Why We Run Crew

    "A run club for introverts". Female-led run crew based in Philadelphia. Always offering a 3-mile run and 1 mile walk option.

    When: Thursday 6:30pm

    Where: Love Park (next to the Love Statue)

    Details: Free to join, typical distances: 3 Mile run & 1 Mile walk

    Instagram: @whyweruncrew


    Wissahickon Wanderers

    The Wissahickon Wanderers is a Northwest Philadelphia based trail running club that is free of charge and open to runners of all ability levels. The Wanderers also host one of Philadelphia's premier races, the Wissahickon Trail Classic 10K, and organize several free races, including the Spring and Fall Trail Series'.

    When: Thursday at 530pm and Saturday at 8am

    Where: Valley Green Inn

    Details: Free to join.

    Facebook: facebook.com/groups/wissahickonwanderers
    Website: wanderersrunningclub.org


    Wynnefield Track Club

    Wynnefield Track Club (WTC) is a Philadelphia area collective of training partners. Our mission is to promote health & wellness in our community. We welcome all levels of walkers & runners, no matter your experience, ability or pace. #bettertogether

    When & Where: Monday to Friday 5:30am meet at Lloyd Hall parking lot. Saturday 6:00am (Lloyd Hall or Wissahickon Trail - check IG for location) Sunday 7:00am meet at Lloyd Hall parking lot.

    Details: Free to join, just show up and don't forget to be awesome! Typical distance: 2+ miles

    Instagram: @wynnefieldtrackclub
    Website: wynnefieldtrackclub.com


    Young & Active Philly

    We are a platform for 20- or 30-year-olds in Philly to form a community by staying active together. No matter how you stay active - be it running, yoga, tennis, volleyball, pickleball, or soccer - we design our events so you could become a part of a deeper community in the city you love while do the things you love.

    When: Runs are Sunday mornings (10 am), but there are evening runs too. Sports vary by the week - please check Instagram. Book club meets once a month (usually last Tuesday or Thursday)

    Where: Most runs start from the Art Museum Steps. Refer to Instagram for specific non-running events.

    Details: Free to join, just takes a positive attitude - which is FREE :)

    Instagram: @yap.philly

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