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[9/23] Run for Africa

Run for Africa 2018 - Sunday, September 23rd in Philadelphia - benefits The Girls University of Todee (GUT) project in Liberia 

WE ARE RUNNERS/WALKERS FOR GOOD!  We seek and support high-impact empowerment solutions for girls and young women. This year's event benefits The Girls University of Todee (GUT) project in Liberia.

The GUT project aimed at providing a protective, culture of grace ecosystem where girls can be girls without fear of harassment. The GUT's Mission:  "Teach a Girl to Fish"  - By aligning her education with STEM careers and a habit of health, encourage her to strive for gender parity blended in Christ-like compassion, and connect her with global women-leadership.

Founded in the 1800s by freed African Americans, Liberia is recovering from a 14-year bloody civil conflict (1989-2003), a deadly Ebola Virus Disease outbreak (2014-2015), and a history of abuse and marginalization of girls and women.

6 Reasons to Run for Africa

Eradicate abuse of vulnerable Liberian girls 

The Time: “Violence against women has deep roots in Liberia. Even before the civil conflict that scarred the West African nation of over 3.5 million people, society was profoundly unequal. Women were considered the property of men and violence was tolerated as a man’s right." - You can help change this narrative, Run for Africa!

Empower Girls with STEM education

This year's run benefits the Girls University of Todee (GUT)project. GUT is an emerging K-16 STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) education environment for underprivileged girls and young women in the Todee region of Liberia. To begins in 2020 with a K-6 elementary school within a protective, culture of grace ecosystem, the GUT aimed at providing the space for girls to be girls, lifting their spirits to thrive without fear of harassment, and building the leadership skills they need to become self-reliant and productive citizens. 

Join the TEAM FOR GOOD! 

Join or support Runners/Walkers for Good. Other team members include but not limited to: Zoann Parker (PhD) of Stevens College of Technology and GUT's board chair; Diana McCarthy-Bercury of Earth Forward Group and GUT's board vice chair; Monica Major (PhD) of Howard University and GUT's board member ; Tom Gemmill (DVM) of Community Capital Advisors and GUT's board member; Justma Kerkula of Ross University School of Veterinarian Medicine and GUT's board member; Herman Brown (PhD) of Cuttington University; Michele Aquino of General Mills; and a host of ordinary Liberian and international team members.

Have Fun and Meet New Friends

"It’s a theory of mine that running is “the anti-sport,” in that even on a team you do it alone, and you are your own greatest adversary. This makes it particularly well-suited to those who have a little social anxiety, or aren’t really great at making new friends. If you know me, you think I am not one of those people, but let me tell ya, sister, I’m just really good at faking it." - by Cinnamon: 5 Way to Make New Friends at Your Next Marathon. Make new friends at RFA 2018, September 23rd in Philadelphia.

Start the Journey to a New You

Whether you have been dreaming about visiting Africa, becoming a life-long runner or supporting a worthy cause, RFA 2018 might be your chance to put legs on that dream. You will meet fellow dreamers and coaches at RFA 2018. Sign up!


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