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[5/5] Broad Street Run

The Blue Cross Broad Street Run 10-Miler has been a proud Philadelphia tradition for nearly 40 years. On May 5, 2019, racers will run down the heart of Philadelphia, Broad Street, through diverse communities and neighborhoods, while excited spectators cheer from the sidelines. It’s the largest, fastest, and most popular 10-mile race in the country drawing more than 35,000 participants from all over the world. The event begins at 8:00 a.m. The Broad Street Run Lottery results were announced on February 18th but there are still ways to run the race:

  • Run for Charity! There are some great charity partners of the BSR who still have bibs that you can fundraise for. The usual fundraising amount is $500 and each charity offers different incentives.

  • BSR Bulletin Board! This is sort of like a waiting list but instead you post that you are looking to buy a bib from someone who can no longer run then go through the transfer process. The bulletin board/wait list/transfer program will be open February 26th - April 15th. you will also have to pay for BSR bib.