Shoe Fit Process

Our Shoe Fit Process

Step 1: We start the fit process by asking you to tell us about you and your activities in order to find the right shoe for you. A few questions you might hear: Do you have any injuries? Do you use an insole or orthotic support? What activities are you currently doing: running, walking, cross fit? 

Step 2: We conduct a gait analysis. You're probably thinking, what's that? A gait analysis is one of the ways we determine which type of footwear may work best for you. One our of experts will watch and record you run or walk on a treadmill (or the ground if you prefer) in order to analyze what your feet are doing while you are moving. 

Step 3: We measure and evaluate your feet including foot length, foot width and arch height to get a general idea of the size, width and style of shoe that may work best for you.

Step 4: We'll bring out several pairs of shoes, including different brands and styles, for you to try on and test out. Now that we've guided you to the right type of shoe, here's where you come in - we need your help in selecting the shoe that feels best for you. The more feedback that you can provide, the better fitting we can provide through narrowing down the selection.

Step 5: Decision time! Which shoes are you taking home?

Schedule a Shoe Fitting 

Appointments are not required for shoe fittings at any of our locations during regular store hours, however, if you would like to schedule one please fill out the form below and we will contact you to set up a date and time.

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