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  • ! NEW Diadora Cellula !

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    ! NEW Diadora Cellula !

    by Nina DeSilva


    Diadora, an Italian brand with its U.S. headquarters based right here in South Philly’s BOK building, released a few exciting new running shoes to their product line.


    One of them: the Cellula (pronounced chell–you–la). As stylish as the shoe is comfortable, this maximum cushioned daily trainer is a well–rounded candidate to throw in the rotation.


    What is Cellula?


    Cellula targets runners looking for a daily workhorse shoe, especially for those who crave high mileage training weeks, who need a shoe that will last them a while, or who just want a plush shoe with a memory–foam–like foot bed.


    Low–drop enthusiasts will be pleased with the Cellula. The heel–drop sits at 5mm, the midsole exceeding 40mm. For a shoe of that stack height, the weight (280g for a men’s size 9, 220g for women’s size 7) is incredibly light.


    Diadora’s DDAnima technology acts to increase midsole responsiveness by 30% and reduce its weight by 20%. Although the Cellula provides a maximum cushioned, plush feel, it offers a similar reactivity as a shoe weighing less.


    The Cellula sets itself apart from its Diadora peers in its support. It provides an inherent stability due to its wider base; more ground contact allows for a more stable ride.


    While still part of Diadora's neutral running shoe category, not within the stability collection, this shoe offers a light support for any runner wanting more security in each stride.


    Another feature to note is the Cellula’s full Duratech 5000 outsole. This compound is wear–resistant and designed to outlast standard rubber. Three hundred plus miles in with my own trusty pair, the shoe still feels fresh. I doubt I would need to consider a refresh pair any time soon.






    What I have come to love most about this shoe is its balance. The balance of firmness, softness, lightness, and responsiveness is near perfect. Because of that, the Cellula can accommodate runs of various efforts.


    While I might want the Cellula mostly for general comfort during runs, this shoe holds up nicely for me on long run workouts also.


    This shoe is a looker! The Cellula is very visually appealing—a shoe I would not be embarrassed to be caught in on a social outing/doing anything other than running.


    In both men’s and women’s sizes, the Cellula comes in a classic black and off–white as well as a more colorful package. As a more monochrome person myself, I naturally chose the black, but could still see myself easily trying out the cream/hot pink/light blue option.




    The Tech Talk:


    Midsole with more than 40mm of thickness for superior comfort


    Diadora's DD Anima technology – a special blend that amps up midsole responsiveness by 30% while trimming weight by 20%


    The DDATTIVO insole minimizes the thermal sensation and has antibacterial components that help eliminate odors 


    High–density foam prevents fatigue by ensuring excellent cushioning and restoring maximum energy


    Nylon Air Mesh and microfiber upper


    Duratech 5000 wear–resistant compound covering the entire foot area


    Weight – 280g for a men’s size 9, 220g for women’s size 7


    Heel–To–Toe Drop – 5mm



    The Finish Line:


    Let us know how the Cellula feels, and which color is more your style at your local Philadelphia Runner.

    PR Center City: 1711 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, PA

    PR University City: 3621 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, PA

    PR Manayunk: 4358 Main Street, Philadelphia, PA

    PR Glen Mills: 505 Glen Eagle Square, Glen Mills, PA


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