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  • Launch Season - ASICS METASPEED SKY Paris

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    Launch Season - ASICS METASPEED SKY Paris

    by Lionel Brahim Brodie III


    Disclaimer: when my behind–the–scene photos were being taken, the shoes were so TOP SECRET that I was on a 007, Shaken Not Stirred, this message will self–destruct vibe. That just goes to tell you how special this release is. I also included some official photos from ASICS. That just goes to show you how special this release is. 


    Time for a quick history lesson. We were in the Philadelphia Runner office last month trying to decide which Paris this METASPEED SKY was named for: the upcoming marathon in April, or the upcoming Games in July/August. So I did some research. ASICS honors models with the host city names during the Olympic years. Like the Classic Mexico 66 shoes, the METARACER Tokyo from the last Olympic Games, etcetera. I mistakenly thought this beautiful shoe was a bit early for the Olympics, but the aforementioned research led me to the now common–sense math that the Mexico’s released in 1966.....but the games were in 1968. Black Mamba (Uma Thurman) wore the Mexico in Kill Bill: Volume 1 (2003). Bruce Lee wore them in The Game Of Death (1972 – ironically and devastatingly Lee’s last film). Runners wore them for a TWO–YEAR hype up for the 68 games, and during as well. And by "hype up" I'm only talking about world major marathons, international races, everyday trainings, and so on. The question now is.....who will be wearing the METASPEED SKY Paris?


    That answer, obviously, should be you! For Marathons, Half–Marathons, the largest 10–miler in the United States, 15Ks, 10Ks, 5Ks…..you get my drift.




    The Tech Talk:


    The ASICS METASPEED SKY Paris is  a lightweight racing shoe designed for stride–type runners seeking peak performance. Experience a propulsive ride thanks to FF Turbo PLUS foam and a carbon fiber plate positioned closer to the foot for enhanced energy return. The breathable Motion Wrap 2.0 upper ensures a secure and comfortable fit, while the grippy outsole tackles diverse road conditions. 




    Product Features:


    FF Turbo PLUS foam – Delivers lightweight cushioning with exceptional energy return.


    Carbon fiber plate – Propels you forward for an explosive running experience.


    Motion Wrap 2.0 upper – Breathable and lightweight for a secure, comfortable fit.


    ASICSGRIP outsole – Provides durable traction on various road surfaces.






    Stack height – 39.5mm heel, 34.5mm forefoot


    Heel–To–Toe Drop – 5 mm


    Cushion – High


    The Finish Line: 


    Paris is right around the corner.....but the METASPEED SKY is here NOW! Only available at our Center City location, and online, you should act (pun intended) fast!


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