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  • Launch Season - New Balance FuelCell Rebel v4

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    Launch Season - New Balance FuelCell Rebel v4

    by Lionel Brahim Brodie III

    Happy Friday, Happy March friends! 


    Yep, I was up at 5AM this morning watching The 2024 World Athletics Indoor Championships in Glasgow, Scotland (you know, Brodie is a Scottish name. It means “a little ridge” or “ditch”). Yep, I was analyzing every race kit and shoe, for my own personal fulfilment, and also to continue my growth in this position. Yep, I was hoping for Christian Coleman to beat Noah Lyles in the 60m. I've had a great day thus far (smile).


    I also listened to a few of the Fit Specialists at the Center City Philadelphia Runner when they were telling me how great and versatile of a shoe The New Balance FuelCell Rebel v4 is. So I tried a pair on. Loved them. Left the store. Started obsessing over them. Returned to the store. Purchased them. Then put them on immediately. Reminded me of when my parents used to take me to Buster Brown, or some mom–and–pop footwear store, WAY BACK in the day (I'm talking 1980s) and the employees used to always ask "do you want to wear these out of the store"? Yes, duh! I need all of West Philly to know how fresh I am. 2024 – Rebel v4 – same feeling.




    Mentally I need to "wear a shoe around" for a day before I can run in them. Like a first date kinda. Put the shoes on, bop around, wear the shoes unlaced for a bit, bop around, tie the shoes up, bop around...then after a few hours I have an idea of if I like them (the shoes) or not. It took me a lot of words to get here, but you DO NOT need to do that in this shoe. It's designed to be light, fast, and right-out-of-the-box multipurposed: racing, running or training. 


    So I'm running in the Rebel 4 every day. It’s super bouncy, but New Balance does an splendid job in making the shoe soft, spring, and snappy (read: responsive) simultaneously (alliteration). And since I finally signed up for my first race of the year yesterday, I'm using them for speed work. And if that race were this Sunday, regardless of the distance, I'd be racing in them. Heavily contemplating buying a second pair so I can have a crispy set to wear with joggers, button–down shirt, vest, cap or beanie (depending on weather), and maybe a scarf, again depending on the weather. You know, for everyday styling, walking the pupper, coffee meetings, date nights, etcetera. But you're not here for this.....



    The Tech Talk:


    A geometric FuelCell midsole made with a new PEBA/EVA blend provides a taller and wider bed of lightweight cushioning, maintaining that propulsive feel and providing more comfort and stability during daily training and extended mileage. The outsole features strategically placed rubber for enhanced durability and is designed to increase forefoot stiffness for an explosive toe–off. An updated engineered upper with FantomFit technology provides ultralight support and lockdown with no–sew overlays to offer a high–performance feel. 


    Key Features:

    Upper features no–sew construction for a sleek fit and feel.



    Boasting a supercritical PEBA blend FuelCell foam in the midsole, this cushioning is New Balance's most responsive and soft compound to date.


    Sublimated graphics





    Stack height: Heel (33mm), Forefoot (27mm)


    Heel–To–Toe Drop: 6mm


    The Finish Line:
    Only available at our Center City location, and online, you should act fast. I'm not one to gossip, so you didn't hear this from me, but the New Balance FuelCell Rebel v4 is moving pretty quickly (pun intended). Don't miss out!


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