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  • Try The New New--New New Balance Apparel Just Dropped

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    Try The New New--New New Balance Apparel Just Dropped

    by Nina DeSilva


    Looking for some lightweight running apparel to carry over into the upcoming Spring months? We have some options for you at your local Philadelphia Runner.


    Staff favorites include the New Balance Standard Fit Athletics Tee and the Run Club Standard Fit Shorts.


    What makes these items worth the hype?



    Both the tee and shorts offer a subtly perforated material that is both lightweight and well ventilated. Perfect for running into soft breezes and warmer Spring temperatures.


    New Balance’s Standard Fit allows the garment to drape loosely and comfortably enough for distraction–free runs. Especially for the women’s Run Club shorts—they feel like a split short without the side–split lack of coverage and fear of a Marilyn Monroe short flip–up moment. 




    New Balance’s Ice X technology used in the Athletics Tee and Run Club Shorts ensure that sweat dries fast, keeping garments light and swift for the duration of the run.


    The Run Club shorts—in both men’s and women’s sizes—have a drawstring waist and liner. The fit is snug enough to stay put and loose enough to prevent tightness, chafing, etcetera.


    And the tee and shorts come in refreshing new Spring colors in men’s and women’s sizes.



    Try them out at your nearest Philadelphia Runner retailer and let us know your favorite Spring pieces.


    PR Center City: 1711 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, PA

    PR University City: 3621 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, PA

    PR Manayunk: 4358 Main Street, Philadelphia, PA

    PR Glen Mills: 505 Glen Eagle Square, Glen Mills, PA


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