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  • Launch Day - On Cloudmonster 2

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    Launch Day - On Cloudmonster 2

    by Lionel Brahim Brodie III


    It is Monster Season again, and we didn't have to wait for Halloween! Ok (heavy sigh). That was really, REALLY bad.....but please don't allow that pre–coffee attempt at wit to detract from how incredible the sequel to the Cloudmonster is. It’s back with the Biggest EVER CloudTec® for mega cushioning and max energy! If you are in a rush and contemplating skipping the pomp to beeline right to the circumstance, here is an important disclaimer from our friends at On:


    If you found your perfect fit with the original Cloudmonster, we recommend taking half a size down for the Cloudmonster 2.


    For everyone else with a few minutes to spend with us, the Cloudmonster Junior boasts more propulsion and more energy return than its parent does. Now featuring a dual density midsole, there is also a softer version of Helion on top of the Speedboard and a firmer superfoam below which provides better energy return for fast transitions. 



    The On Cloudmonster 2 is great whether you are looking for a high cushioned shoe for a training or recovery run – or a little snappier model for race day. When I had the original pair, I didn't even want to run in them. They looked THAT good. I was wearing them with joggers, pants, jeans, shorts.....just styling. Notice I said "had" them? I eventually took them for a spin and continued to add miles and miles to those puppies. Training drills to long runs.....the “after” pictures are wild. Here's what else you'll love about the CM2:


    An updated engineered mesh and lining paired with a reworked eyestay for improved lockdown and comfort.


    Slingshot shaped nylon blend Speedboard® is sandwiched in the midsole and assures high propulsion with a forward rolling sensation.



    Upgraded rubber tread boosts durability and traction on asphalt.


    6mm drop encourages a natural stride and midfoot strike.


    Engineered mesh with 92% recycled polyester for eco–friendly breathability.



    The On Cloudmonster 2 is available NOW in our 4 locations (Center CityUniversity CityManayunk, or Glen Mills)! Our staff of experts can answer any questions you have about this shoe, On, and any other product. 


    Am I walking to the Center City store to buy a pair immediately after hitting submit on this blog post? Stop in to say hello, schedule a gait analysis, or order a pair from our online shop today!



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