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  • What Is Team Philly?

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    What Is Team Philly?

    by Jennifer Collins


    Hello Friends!


    It's that time of year! We have a lot of new, intermediate, and seasoned runners coming into our doors to prepare for the Broad Street Run. If you're looking for a group to start or continue training with, Team Philly is the way to go!


    What is Team Philly? Team Philly is a training group for beginner and intermediate runners. Our Spring Season kicks off Saturday, February 24th, 8am, at our University City Store, 3621 Walnut Street. This season we will be training for Broad Street and Philly Run Fest.


    Is this really for beginners? Yes. Our first long run is 2 miles for beginners and the training plan gradually increases the distance to have everyone ready to run Broad Street. 


    We will also be having a Beginner's Mile this Saturday, February 17th at University City , 9am, for folks that are looking to start or restart running. Allow us to put this into frame: 


    Are you interested in running the Broad Street Run, but you've never even run a mile before? Do you want to check out Team Philly's training before signing up? Unsure where to start on your running journey? 


    BAM! Our Beginner's Mile is for first time runners – whether you've never run a mile in your life or are coming back to running after taking time off – to run, walk, or run/walk the first mile of (hopefully) many.


    We have all pace groups and mentors from 8 minutes and under through run/walk. We also have other distance options for more seasoned runners.


    What does membership include? Training plan, weekly group runs, supported long runs, Team Philly tech shirt, discount to the store during training, and more.


    Price? Depends! $100 for the Spring Season. We also have full–year and Fall Season options.


    When/Where do we meet? Wednesday workouts at University City, 6pm. On Saturdays, other than The Kickoff, we meet at Lloyd Hall, 8am.


    Check out our website www.teamphillyruns.com for more information. We'll see you out there!


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