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  • Launch Day - New Balance FuelCell SuperComp Elite v4

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    Launch Day - New Balance FuelCell SuperComp Elite v4

    Today is the launch of the much–anticipated New Balance FuelCell SuperComp Elite v4.....juussstttt in time for the U.S. Olympic Team Marathon Trials tomorrow.....and EARLY for Broad Street Run! Did you enter the lottery?!?!? The shoe has an updated midsole featuring PEBA which gives it much improved rebound and energy return. A wider and more accommodating fit will perform well over a broader range of race paces. 




    You'll undoubtedly see a bunch of runners racing in these tomorrow, and throughout the running season. Years of research went into perfecting the SC Elite v4. A new, thin carbon fiber plate shaves weight, while maintaining the stiffness needed for propulsion. The lightweight upper mesh and tongue helps avoid potential irritations, giving runners a comfortable shoe for their 26.2–mile journey. Or 13.1. Or 10. Or 6.2. Or.....you get the picture.



    I was just in the Center City Philadelphia Runner and there were runners waiting for the store to open to pick up this beauty. As I mentioned before, this shoe will fly out of our doors. Beautiful Phoenix Suns–esque colorway (IYKYK).....yeeaaahhhh. I almost picked up a pair.....but someone beat me to it. Or did they?!?!?


    Anyone get lucky with these? Available at our Center City location and online! When you've had a chance to chase your own personal best(s), let me know and we'll compare notes!


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