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  • Vegan Friendly Running, Part 1

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    Vegan Friendly Running, Part 1

    Hello friends and family. Thank you for running with us.


    In a true art imitating life moment, a few of us were discussing Vegan options on our footwear menu, based on a question asked by a member of our running community. The following is a fluid list. There is still research to be done, and we'll circle back once completed. Until then, here are the footwear items we know to be Vegan right now, verbiage directly from the brands. We'll look into more brand options, apparel, and accessories.....but this should get us started 


    Altra – Altra currently has a wide variety of styles for our consumers, some of which contain leather and some of which do not. That said, even in those styles which do not contain leather, it is difficult to verify that all components including dyes, finishes and adhesives do not contain any animal–derived content which is why these products are not labeled “vegan.” If any products are completely vegan in the future, this will be labeled on the products and our website. 


    Brooks – All of our shoes at Brooks are vegan–friendly, except for our leather Walkers.


    HOKA – Almost all of our shoes are vegan with the exception of the Bondi SR, Anacapa GTX, and Kaha.


    Mizuno – We are proud to announce that our entire running footwear range is now 100% vegan friendly. Customers can pick any shoe from our extensive running range, with certainty that the products do not contain any form of animal–derived materials. Most importantly this means that no animals were harmed during the creation of our running shoes (from their European website, shall confirm USA information).


    On –  Please also note we only use vegan fabrics in our footwear, but only the Cloudneo is guaranteed 100% vegan.


    OOFOS – Yes! OOFOS are completely vegan and contain no animal byproducts.


    Saucony – Couldn't find a statement, but went to their website, selected footwear, and filtered it by vegan. Every shoe popped up as vegan.



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