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  • National Running Safety Month - Shokz OpenFit

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    National Running Safety Month - Shokz OpenFit

    Facts by Ryan Fennelly and Tracy Davis. Tangential quips by Lionel Brahim Brodie III.


    Just in time for National Running Safety Month, Shokz has recently released their OpenFit Bluetooth headphones. The OpenFit is very similar to the popular Air Pods. The main difference is the signature open ear design…..a safety– first mentality.


    Shokz are a safe way to enjoy music while you walk, jog, or run. In addition to the safety element, the headphones are fitted for long–term wear and keep your ear clean without blocking your ear canal. One of the other key features to highlight is that open ear headphones allow you to be more aware of your surroundings.



    Ryan Fennelly: I have used various types of headphones from Shokz, but I believe that this style and design is a big upgrade. The size of the band has been addressed with the two completely wireless silicone earbuds that wrap around your ear. The earbuds are ultrasoft, sweat–resistant, and water–resistant. The OpenFit headphones have a battery life of up to 28 hours while using the charging case.


    Tracy Davis: Shokz’s OpenFit are lightweight with premium sound, not only while listening to music, but also on phone calls. They’re easy to use during activities with simple touch controls to switch songs, pause, and more! Bonus: These will be much easier to wear with knit hats when the weather gets a little cooler.



    Lionel Brahim Brodie III: Hood–To–Coast is the largest running and walking relay race on Earth. 199 miles from Mount Hood, the highest mountain in Oregon, to Seaside which, as the race title suggests is on the Oregon Coast (of the Pacific Ocean). HTC doesn’t allow any headphones on the course, as you are running alongside highways, through mountains, across bridges, etcetera, and nothing is blocked or roped off. I’ve done the race twice. And again, no headphones…..with the exception of open ear models. I wore Shokz both times, and was completely able to hear everything around my while still jamming to my music. I love music. I need music.


    Additional tech features include:

    2–year warranty
    Comes with Charging Case
    Shokz app 
    IP54 Water Resistance
    Direct Pitch (improved/ premium audio quality)
    AI Call Noise Cancellation technology


    Philadelphia Runner carries a variety of options from Shokz. There is no need to compromise our love of music, podcasts, audio books, phone calls, etcetera while on a walk, jog, or run. Please keep it locked right here for more stories, tips, and product highlights centered around safety. And pop into one of our 4 locations (Center City, University City, Manayunk, or Glen Mills) with any questions about Shokz, the OpenFit, runner safety, or anything else running related!


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