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  • Marathon Month - Runner Must Haves, Part I

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    Marathon Month - Runner Must Haves, Part I

    by Lionel Brahim Brodie III, et al.


    We’re less than two (2) weeks away from Philadelphia Marathon Weekend. I’ll be running the 8K that Saturday (not that you asked, or anyone cares haha). There is also the half marathon earlier that morning, and obviously the full marathon that Sunday. And a bunch of race challenges for runners looking for extra mileage…..and a different medal!


    *we’ll have our medal debate at a later time*


    Regardless of which distance(s) you choose, our very own Jennifer Collins has listed a few items that are a must for runners. Here’s a little secret…..these also make good holiday gifts.


    Body Glide – because duh, rubbing and chafing is zero fun.



    Moisture–wicking socks – because duh, rubbing and chafing is zero fun.



    Fuel – race sponsors Nuun and CLIF have great options. 




    Apparel – LAYERS – You will warm up as you run so Jenn’s favorite tip to dress in layers. Her picks: Philadelphia Runner x Sky Long–Sleeve over a tank or short–sleeve shirt. If it’s below 30 degrees (please no, Mother Nature) – thermal long sleeve.



    Footwear – you can run barefoot if you’d like. But in Philly?!?!? Um….. ASICS is the race sponsor, so let’s save our feet and aforementioned moisture–wicking socks. I just picked up a pair of GEL–Kayano 30s specifically for Marathon Weekend.



    Short (kinda) and sweet (definitely). Drop into any 4 of our locations (Center City, University City, Manayunk, or Glen Mills)  for any of the items above.....or continue your online visit with us HERE


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