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  • Allez! Ciele Edition

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    Allez! Ciele Edition

    by Nina DeSilva


    ciele has entered the chat. 


    Trendy, iconic-looking, and with a name pronounced in various ways, ciele is taking the running apparel world by storm. With the brand’s motto—‘everybody run’—ciele is as stylish as it is an inclusive representation of the running community. 


    I remember the first time I saw ciele caps at Philadelphia Runner’s West Philly location. ciele’s branding impressed me with their sole use of lower-case letters, how much one of their cap’s color palettes reminded me of Baby Bop from Barney and Friends


    ciele headwear resemble cycling caps, but ones that could also pass as lifestyle accessories, in interesting, color-blocked packages. Reflective strips, panels, mixtures of textures. Something keeps this brand fresh and sets it apart from the norm. I like it. 


    So let’s get down to the product. While I wish I could try the entire ciele cap collection, I do have an abnormally small head, which limits my options. I often struggle with caps blowing off my head during a run; the ciele GOcap I found to be a little too roomy. Thankfully, ciele also offers a cap for the small-headed folks: the ALZ cap



    ALZ. Abbreviated for the French verb, “allez,” or “let’s go,” the ALZ cap provides a lightweight, ready-to-go fit. A cap that was invented for preventing hiccups on the run. A cap you can forget about. Like a pair of good running shoes. 


    Not only does the ALZ hat have a snugger fit than a typical adjustable running cap, but the ALZ also comprises more mesh than ciele’s other caps. The result: an even cooler, lighter running experience. And as a major perk, they are durable enough to be thrown in the washing machine. 


    Disclaimer: I thought I was a sunglasses only runner until the end. I never considered myself a cap runner and doubted I ever would be.


    Still, I tested an all-black ALZ paneled cap on a sunny seventy-something degrees five-miler, no sunglasses. And yes, I was surprised at how much I could enjoy a run wearing a cap sans sunnies. 


    The ALZ kept my hair out of my eyes. It kept the sunlight out of my eyes. It kept the sweat out of my eyes. It shifted minimally, but felt more secure deeper into the run. Despite the cap’s black exterior, my head still felt cool. I continue to use the ALZ into the Fall months. I even raced in one for a summer 15k. It’s become a staple, for training runs and race day. 


    ciele made me reconsider running caps as an option for me. The ALZ is a durable, lightweight cap perfect for smaller heads. And they all look fashionable, whether you prefer loud colors or monochrome.


    Philadelphia Runner always has ciele caps of all styles and profiles (they have the new Winter fuzzy caps !!), so come check em’ out and try one on for size at any one of our Philadelphia Runner locations (Center City, University City, Manayunk, Glen Mills). Or order from our online shop today!


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