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  • Five Reasons to Wear Better Socks

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    Five Reasons to Wear Better Socks

    by Nina DeSilva


    Ok runners, let’s talk blisters. 


    If you are prone to blisters on your feet after a run, no matter what distance you cover, and/or you have an affinity for cotton socks, and/or you have tried out every running shoe recommended to you but still, the blisters—this one goes out to you.


    While correctly sized shoes are crucial when it comes to making your feet happy, (Philadelphia Runner offers free shoe fittings to make sure your shoe corresponds with your foot shape!) proper running socks can also keep your feet fresh and toes pedicure-ready. 


    Please trust me that cotton socks are doing you no favors.


    Luckily, Philadelphia Runner carries an assortment of running socks that are all designed with the runner’s foot in mind. 


    Here are five reasons you should consider switching over to performance-oriented socks:



    1.    Cushioning for blister prevention
    Running socks offer a compressive fit in multiple levels of cushioning. Higher cushioned sock brands like Balega keep the foot from sliding around in the shoe. Thinner brands like Feetures give the toes more space to do their thing. No matter what degree of cushioning you go for, running socks protect the feet from excessive friction, making your foot less vulnerable to blisters, toenail issues, etc. 


    2.    Dry feet
    It is possible to have cool, sweat-free feet during your run! Feetures, Balega, and On running socks are all derived from moisture-wicking materials with airflow vents. The result: cool, dry feet.


    3.    Arch Support
    Running socks often come with a flexible support piece right under the arch. The pair comes with a sock specifically made for the left foot and one for the right, so that the arch support can cup the foot in the correct spot. Feetures even have socks developed with victims of Plantar Fasciitis in mind.


    4.    Compression
    CEP! Philadelphia Runner sells CEP, a medically graded compression sock, as well as calf sleeves. Prone to sore feet or ankles? Compression socks are the move. They promote blood flow where you need it most, during or after the run; a true recovery must have.


    5.    Wick away the smelly
    Running socks wick away sweat and moisture. But they also wick away odor-causing bacteria, which can cause—yes—smelly feet, irritation, and potential infection. 


    You can find which running sock brand is your jam at any one of our Philadelphia Runner locations (Center City, University City, Manayunk, Glen Mills) or order a pair from our online shop today!


    Here’s to fresh, blister-free feet!


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