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  • Kettle Cooker Five & Dime - Race Week!!!!!

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    Kettle Cooker Five & Dime - Race Week!!!!!

    Welcome to Race Week friends! Whether you’re an experienced veteran, or this is your first trail race, our very own Tracy Davis assembled a few “must haves” as we prepare for the inaugural Kettle Cooker Five & Dime:


    Race registration. Let us start there!


    Socks that are at least quarter length so that the trail dirt and pebbles doesn't get into the sock and begin to affect your legs, ankles, and feet. We have a ton of options HERE.




    Trail shoes….. much of the terrain is somewhat technical and there are many creek crossings. Two (2) great choices from race sponsor Altra are the Lone Peak, which is also available in a mid and a hiker version, and the Olympus, which is also available in a mid–hike variety.


    Handheld hydration vessel. This is a cup–less race.



    Technical hat. Dirt, wind, water, sun…..and don’t forget sweat. We have plenty of headwear options (smile).


    Dry clothes and shoes to change into after the race. Now would be the Perfect time to throw on some FRESH Philadelphia Runner Gear. All pairs nicely with a crisp pair of Altras.




    Hope to run into you (figure of speech) this upcoming weekend! Check out our first and second Kettle Cooker Five & Dime posts, stop into one of our 4 locations (Center City, University City, Manayunk, Glen Mills) or continue your online visit to pick up some Altra merch (gotta look the part, right?). See you out there!



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