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  • We're Talking About Hydration

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    We're Talking About Hydration

    by Sarah Tampio


    Summer is still here! Long days with endless sunshine and summer breezes. Water Ice and OOFOS recovery sandals. Summer also comes with the promise of a fall race and training. I love summer running. It brings me back 20+ years ago when I was a high schooler training for cross country. Early summer breezes can quickly turn into summer sweat, sun, dew point, and humidity. Enter August…



    The heat and humidity is here and as I tell the runners at our group runs; you have to respect the heat. Hydrate throughout the day, and supplement with electrolytes. I like NUUN Active Hydration Sport + Caffeine Lemon Lime Tablets. The electrolytes and little kick of caffeine are great in the morning before a run, or during the day when I have a 6pm group run. There are many other flavors and varieties of NUUN available that will fit your electrolyte needs. Some NUUN tablets contain more vitamins and caffeine, while others are caffeine free. There are even NUUN tablets for immunity and rest. Ask a Philadelphia Runner Fit Specialist which one they prefer!! 



    While drinking before and after your walk/run may not be an issue for you, you must not forget during. Even 20–30 minutes without proper hydration can affect you. When I know that I am going to be out for a longer period of time in the heat, I carry water and SaltSticks with me. My go–to handheld is the AMPHIPOD Hydrafoam Ergo Lite Handheld 16oz water bottle. This carries enough water for me to put in the miles and fill up as needed using the water fountains on Kelly Drive.



    When the day calls for trails/hiking, or an extended amount (2.5 hours plus) of time, I switch to a water pack. I like to keep my hands free when I am traversing the rocky trails of PA. My go to hydration pack is the AMPHIPOD Purerun Minimalist Hydration Vest with 1.5L Reservoir. This hydration vest has a small profile, is lightweight, and easy to clean.



    We still have many more miles of summer running/walking/hiking/biking to go. Visit one of our 4 locations (Center City, University City, Manayunk, or Glen Mills).....continue your online visit for all your hydration and nutrition needs. Stay hydrated and have fun!!


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