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  • Gearing up for #SportsBraSquad Day 2023 - Badass Lady Gang Philly

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    Gearing up for #SportsBraSquad Day 2023 - Badass Lady Gang Philly

    The group running scene in Philadelphia plays an integral part in defining the culture of our running community. Each team, crew, and club is incredibly unique, which adds an assortment of layers to our city’s ever–growing active lifestyle.


    We recently caught up with Badass Lady Gang Philly to learn more about their annual #SportsBraSquad Day. It will be held this year on Saturday, August 19th. 


    by Ashley McDowell Clark


    From my understanding, The #SportsBraSquad started long before the BALG Philly chapter, when BALG founder, Kelly Roberts, stopped on her training run, removed her shirt, and then completed the run wondering what had stopped her from running in her Sports Bra for so long. I had a similar epiphany years into my running journey, as many runners I’ve spoken to have. 


    If you’ve been running in Philly the past few weeks, you know how hot, humid, and sometimes impossible it can feel. We want all folks to feel empowered, safe, and comfortable to shed a layer and keep moving. All bodies are good, and all bodies belong in the running community, but that doesn’t change the fact our world doesn’t always represent that belief, and the fear of that outside judgment holds a lot of us back.



    So many people, regardless of their size, are terrified to run in their sports bras. For some, it’s a nagging insecurity about their body, driven by long–held modesty standards. For others, it’s the very real fear of harassment–equal parts anti–fat and sexual. Running in a sports bra can feel vulnerable, but all runners, regardless of gender, race, class, or body size should have the access and freedom to run in a safe place. It’s about so much more than the bra. 



    Join us Saturday, August 19th as we celebrate these little moments of bravery, discuss how we can make the running community better and accessible to all sports bra wearers, and walk or run as a squad. Whether you run in a shirt or sports bra, the goal is the same: To come together and feel strong with a gang of folks who love to move!



    Sports Bra Squad celebration
    Saturday 8/19 @8:30 am
    Meet outside Cosmic Café, 1 Boathouse Row
    5k & 1.5 Mile options–walkers and runners welcome!


    We'll see you out there. If you're in the market for a new sports bra, stop into one of our 4 locations, or visit us HERE!


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