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  • Nike Pegasus 40: Immortal, Otherworldly Trust

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    Nike Pegasus 40: Immortal, Otherworldly Trust

    by Lionel Brahim Brodie III


    In 1983 the Nike Pegasus was born. The shoe….wait, we are talking about THE PEGASUS! Please allow me to begin again.


    Descending from the heavens, the Nike Pegasus first graced the human planet of Earth 2 scores (40 years) ago. Foaled from the mythical Medusa, Pegasus is celestial in its makeup and unflawed in its color(ways). The Peg, as he will be affectionately referred, has fought alongside the likes of Poseidon and Zeus. Yes, that Poseidon, or Neptune, god of the sea, earthquakes, storms, and horses. And THAT Zeus, or Jupiter…..King Of The Gods on Mount Olympus! In fact, out of the original Twelve Olympians, Pegasus was the loyal vehicle of choice for at least 2 of them. Let’s just call The Pegasus the “Training Shoe Of The Gods.”


    Folklore truthfully proclaims that Pegasus was entrusted to carry the thunderbolts of Zeus. In today’s world that would be the equivalent of Thor giving his hammer and/or axe to Pegasus, and Pegasus being “worthy” enough to wield it. If Zeus had that sort of faith in The Peg, us mere mortals most certainly can. 


    40 years of human dependability doesn’t lie. Great for distant training, speed sessions, and easy runs. The gods have been Pegasus fans forever. But we shall let the stats do the talking…..



    The Tech Talk:


    Support: Neutral
    The more supportive the shoe, the more stability it can give to your natural stride. A combination of tuned support and intentionally placed cushioning helps you feel secure with every step. The Peg 40 has neutral support. It gives you balance, whether you're a heel or forefoot striker. It's good for long and short runs, too, providing a smooth transition from heel to toe.


    Cushioning: Medium
    The more cushioning that you have underfoot, the softer and more comfortable your running experience can be. Cushioning helps soften impact as your feet hit the ground. Feel connected to the ground with Nike React technology, a lightweight, durable foam that delivers a comfortable, responsive ride. It holds its shape run after run to give you a consistent feeling


    Responsiveness: High
    The more responsive the shoe, the more energy return you can get back with each step. Whether you want to run a little bit faster or with a little less effort, responsive shoes help give you slightly more spring in your step to get more out of your run. We paired Nike React technology with 2 Zoom Air units (1 in the forefoot and the heel) to give you a bouncy, springy sensation and an energized feel at toe-off.



    Inviting Fit and Feel
    A highly tuned single layer mesh creates an inviting feel and fit. We redesigned the midfoot strap for a more molded fit to the foot, shaped for all sized arches.



    The Specs:

    Weight – 10.9oz (men’s size 10.5), 8.5oz (women’s size 8)
    Heel-To-Toe Drop – 10mm


    The Key Features:

    •    React midsole, rear and forefoot Zoom Air units, more cushioned upper 
    •    Implemented midfoot band for a more secure, but forgiving sensation
    •    Heel area optimizes the landing space and improves transition and durability
    •    Waffle-inspired pattern provides traction for the road
    •    An extra flex groove offers a smooth toe-off



    The Finish Line:

    The Nike Pegasus 40 is available online, as well as any of our four locations. Our staff of experts can answer any questions you have about this shoe and other shoes in our shops. Come in, schedule a gait analysis, or order a pair from our online shop today!


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