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  • Allow Us To Reintroduce Ourselves

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    Allow Us To Reintroduce Ourselves

    by Lionel Brahim Brodie III


    Welcome friends.....and for those who have flown with us before, welcome back! Let’s try something new:


    Please try to overlook the truth that we are the store to visit and website to browse when looking for the latest and greatest in running footwear. Please try to ignore the fact that our apparel and accessory assortment is vast enough to fulfill your walking, jogging, training, running, and racing needs. Please try to disregard the reality of our fuel options covering endurance, recovery, and everything in between.




    Think of us as Your Community and We Run Philadelphia!


    As Philadelphia Runner approaches our platinum (20th) anniversary next year, we have always remained consistent with the premise that it is our city that defines us. Philly’s roads, trails, streets, sidewalks, etcetera are our central nervous system, moving our minds and bodies from where we once were, to where we are now.....and where we are headed tomorrow. Every pace and every face is a part of our vibrant community. And we are a part of yours.


    This community is our starting line. We support countless races, clubs, groups, and causes and are constantly finding innovative ways to support and grow an active and healthy Philadelphia.


    This might be an opinion, but we hold our (slight) bias to be truth: Philadelphia is greatest running community on Earth! We don’t stand idly when race finishers of any distance cross the finish line – we have trained with you, walked with you, ran with you, cried with you, and cheered with and for you.


    So please, try not to think of us as your one-stop-shop for all of your tangible running needs. While that is indeed true, so is this: Philadelphia Runner is World Headquarters for Philly’s entire running scene.


    Stop in to one of our four locations or continue your online visit for information on Philadelphia Runner Group Runs, Group Training Programs, Individual Coaching, Local Races (Philly Run Fest, Philly 10K, Philadelphia Distance Run, Kettle Cooker Five & Dime), and more. 


    And of course, all of your footwear, apparel, accessory, and gear needs!


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