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  • Launch Season - Altra Experience Flow

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    Launch Season - Altra Experience Flow

    by Lionel Brahim Brodie III


    Smack in the middle of the time period we shall now refer to as The Last Weekend In April (Penn Relays), The First Weekend In May (Broad Street).....a plethora of amazing shoes hit the market, and simultaneously our online screen (phone, tablet, or computer) and store walls. Formerly known as the AltraFWD Experience, the Altra Experience Flow remains a cushioned daily running shoe that pairs a low drop with a rocker geometry for an effortless feel. The well–cushioned midsole features a compression–molded EVA foam that delivers a soft and lively underfoot sensation with every step. The launch colorways are elite too. Neutral whites, browns, and a few blues for the Villanova Knicks Nation out there. My motto.....break in on Day 1.....the calendar day before your first run (casual wear to get a feel for the shoe and how it'll react to your feet, ankles, shins, Achilles, etcetera). Day 2.....on your feet, out the door, hit the road (or treadmill). Can't wait (Bart Scott's voice and vibe)!!!!!



    The Tech Talk:


    The Altra Experience Flow is a daily road running shoe with a low drop, spacious toe box, and rocker geometry that lets runners experience a lightweight and effortless ride. Altra describes this Ride Experience as FORWARD: a lightweight yet cushioned shoe with a rocker shape that works with your body to encourage an effortless and smooth stride.



    Product Features:


    Two–color engineered mesh for greater breathability.


    Roomy toe box for natural movement.


    A rocker shape is designed to give the feeling of being propelled forward with each step and provides an efficient toe–off without taking away from your natural stride.


    Compression–molded EVA foam is lightweight, responsive midsole foam that encourages efficiency and an effortless feel.


    Flexible outsole design gives runners a natural ride and confidence–inspiring grip on various road conditions. 


    With Altra’s signature FootShape fit, you get plenty of room to help your toes move freely, with a secure midfoot.





    Cushioning – Mid/Moderate


    Support – Neutral


    FootShape – Standard


    Stack Height – 28mm/32mm


    Heel–To–Toe Drop – 4mm



    The Finish Line: 


    The Altra Experience Flow is here NOW. Continue your online visit to pick up a pair, or come see us at one of our four locations below!


    PR Center City: 1711 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, PA

    PR University City: 3621 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, PA

    PR Manayunk: 4358 Main Street, Philadelphia, PA

    PR Glen Mills: 505 Glen Eagle Square, Glen Mills, PA





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