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  • Broad Street Run Tips - Rain Or Shine

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    Broad Street Run Tips - Rain Or Shine

    You already know what Sunday is! Let's all say and affirm it together: It is NOT going to rain for Broad Street. Say it again. And then again!


    Whether rain, clouds, or sun.....we put together a few tips to help you on race day:


    Use a plastic bag or inexpensive poncho to stay dry for as long as possible before and at the start of the race.


    Wear a hat or visor with a brim.


    Apply Body Glide generously to prevent chafing, blisters and skin irritation.


    Choose an outfit and socks that are made of synthetic, technical materials that dry faster and draw moisture away from your skin. Tip: just avoid cotton! Once it’s wet, it stays wet. 


    Arrive early. This year the race has a new start time: 7:30AM. Give yourself enough time to catch the subway (free on race day!), check your gear, go to the bathroom (lines are long!) and warm up before the race.


    Check a bag! Pack a full outfit to change into post–race including socks and shoes. 


    Pay attention! The road may be slippery, and visibility limited.


    Manage your race and time expectations – you can’t control the weather (we’ve tried, trust us!). 


    Hydrate! Make sure you are drinking enough before, during and after the race. Also, just because it’s raining (fingers crossed) doesn’t mean your body needs less water. 


    Start slow, finish fast! The excitement at the beginning of a race can make you feel the need to run faster than normal rather than easing into the run. Give your body time to warm up by starting slow and finishing fast and strong. 


    The Navy Yard entrance gate is NOT the finish line! This year the finish line moves back to the Navy Yard, and we know the gate looks like it should be the finish with fans and photographers everywhere – but don’t be fooled! You still have .25 miles left to go.



    Have fun! Broad Street is an iconic race in Philadelphia. When will you ever get the chance to run down the full length of Broad Street with thousands of people cheering you on? Take it all in and embrace the experience.


    We’ll be out there racing, volunteering and cheering with all of you! And if you have any last–minute race needs, come visit us! 

    PR Center City: 1711 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, PA

    PR University City: 3621 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, PA

    PR Manayunk: 4358 Main Street, Philadelphia, PA

    PR Glen Mills: 505 Glen Eagle Square, Glen Mills, PA


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