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  • May 2024 - Continue To Run

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    May 2024 - Continue To Run

    by Lionel Brahim Brodie III

    Cherry Blossom, done. Boston Marathon, done. London Marathon, done. Penn Relays, done. Hopefully by the time you read this, the Sixers won't be.....done.


    Diamond League has started! The Phillies are rolling! NCAA Conference Track & Field Championships are on the horizon! And of course, Broad Street is a few short days away!


    This is all a very elongated way of saying that even with some major moments in the rearview mirror, there a plenty of reason we continue to run. The weather is getting nicer, you have a fall race on the calendar, and did I mention that the Phillies are rolling?


    Running Shoes! Will Run For Running Shoes! You know, we love a good list at Philadelphia Runner. Here are some of the recent releases and upcoming additions to our footwear wall, both online and instore:


    Brooks Trace 3 Run Proud
    On Cloudmonster Hyper 
    HOKA Skyward X
    Brooks Ghost 16 
    Altra Experience Flow
    Altra Escalante 4 
    Saucony Triumph 22
    On Cloudrunner 2


    Yep! You can wear these at some of the events that your Philadelphia Runner Family has lined up in May 2024, including our May 4th Broad Street Shakeout Run with Altra, as well as our regularly scheduled runs from Center CityUniversity CityManayunk, and Glen Mills. That information can be found HERE.


    I recently heard a phrase, "look at the past but don't stare". I wish I knew that 20 years ago. Let's crush Broad Street this weekend. Then.....continue to run. Looking forward to seeing you out there!


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