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  • 1 Week To Broad Street!

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    1 Week To Broad Street!

    by Lionel Brahim Brodie III


    The Broad Street Run (BSR) is less than 1 weeks away friends, and the weather is all over this week! It's summer today and fake summer tomorrow and Thursday. Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday are spring. And let's not talk about Sunday yet. It couldn't possible rain on another Broad Street Sunday, right? Right?


    I do this regularly with members of my Athletic Club's leadership team: Pulse Check. Where are we physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually? So, Philadelphia, we good?



    Training is wrapped and we're enjoying taper time? Or is Broad Street a part of a build towards a longer race?


    First time approaching this particular start line? Or are you approaching your 10th BSR and tenure? Already a tenured runner and looking forward to celebrating your annual trek down 14th Street?



    All good on footwear, apparel, and accessories? Keep it locked with us, there are a lot of recently released heat that could and should be in your race day fits. Look for articles beginning with 'Launch Day' or 'Launch Season'. We'll be adding stuff all week!


    What about hydration and nutrition? And Body Glide?



    We're good Philadelphia! Whether racing or running, jogging or walking.....We Are Good! It's gonna be a great run, (good) fun, and all sun. And if the latter is being uncooperative, here are some additional footwear and outerwear options. 


    Continue your online visit with us for any of your racing needs! Looking for a friendly face and conversation? Stop in to one of our shops below!


    PR Center City: 1711 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, PA

    PR University City: 3621 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, PA

    PR Manayunk: 4358 Main Street, Philadelphia, PA

    PR Glen Mills: 505 Glen Eagle Square, Glen Mills, PA


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