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  • Penn Relays Week - Saturday, April 27

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    Penn Relays Week - Saturday, April 27

    by Lionel Brahim Brodie III


    Welcome to Penn Relays Month! The Penn Relays Carnival is the biggest and oldest track and field competition our United States of America. Sponsored by Toyota and our friends at On, this year's event will be held from April 25 – April 27 at its annual location – the University of Pennsylvania at Franklin Field in Philadelphia.

    On is supporting Philly in a big way during Penn Relays week with Philadelphia Runner. Dedicated to the successes and triumphs of athletes everywhere. The gritty, the raw, the everything.


    Pro Tip: Take plenty of pictures, but don't forget to be in the moment. You're a part of history!

    Saturday, April 27 – Toyota Day At Penn Relays


    Today is the Super Bowl of United States Track And Field. If the World Cup (soccer) is what the Olympic Games are for track and field, Penn Relays would be like.....whatever continental governing association your country belongs to.....THAT championship. For us in America, Penn Relays is the CONCACAF Gold Cup.


    Who hasn't competed on Penn Relay's Saturday? Sydney McLaughlin, Justin Gatlin, Athing Mu, Devon Allen, Carmelita Jeter, Carl Lewis (most decorated male American track and field athlete in Olympic history), and Allyson Felix (most decorated woman in Olympic track and field history. Period. To put this into perspective, Felix is also the most decorated athlete, male or female, in World Athletics Championships history, and overall the most decorated athlete in track and field history. Period.).


    Image courtesy of Penn Relays


    Yes, that's the level of legend pulling up to Penn Relays' Saturday.


    Image courtesy of Penn Relays


    I'd be remiss if I didn't name drop Shelly–Ann Fraser and Usain Bolt. Could’ve probably led with the impact that Jamaica has on this entire 3–day experience. The stands are filled with black, green and gold colors, shirts, and flags for EVERY event from first–time grade schooler to seasoned Olympic runner. People still talk about that Saturday in 2010 when Bolt ran at Penn Relays like it rivals sitting in front of your television set in Summer 1969 watching people actually moonwalk for the first time. Yeah.


    Image courtesy of Penn Relays


    This is all in addition to the top–tier High School (RC!) and Collegiate (Go Cats!) championship races that will be happening, as well as the Olympic Development races and field events that will introduce us to the stars of tomorrow.


    I haven't event scratched the surface on field events! And the fact that almost every local college and most high schools will be competing. Penn Relays is my favorite.....but I've said that before.



    If you haven't made your way to our (Philadelphia Runner) retail booths by now, you better get over there. You don't want the FOMO of being on Kelly Drive after Penn Relays and seeing that hat, shirt, jacket, or shoes that you should've purchased.


    The last Saturday in April. The last Saturday before Broad Street (usually). The last Saturday of Penn Relays. However you reference it, you won't want to miss IT!


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