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  • Penn Relays Week - Thursday, April 25 - Penn Relays Product Launch Tease

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    Penn Relays Week - Thursday, April 25 - Penn Relays Product Launch Tease

    by Lionel Brahim Brodie III


    Welcome to Penn Relays Month! The Penn Relays Carnival is the biggest and oldest track and field competition our United States of America. Sponsored by Toyota and our friends at On, this year's event will be held from April 25 – April 27 at its annual location – the University of Pennsylvania at Franklin Field in Philadelphia.

    On is supporting Philly in a big way during Penn Relays week with Philadelphia Runner. Dedicated to the successes and triumphs of athletes everywhere. The gritty, the raw, the everything.


    Pro Tip: Items will only be available while supplies last!

    Wednesday, April 25 – Penn Relays Product Launch


    This is what we in the industry (I’ve always wanted to say that) call a tease. The product doesn’t release for another 48–hours, but I’m putting it on your radar now, so you have 2 days to get your affairs in order (I’ve always wanted to say that too).



    Don't want to wait until Thursday? Me either! But those are the rules, and it will most certainly be worth the wait. There are tons of Penn Relays–related things to do on Tuesday and Wednesday whilst we await Thursday!



    One of the best parts of Penn Relays is buying all of the gear – that you can ONLY get onsite at Penn Relays, and at Philadelphia Runner (wink wink) – then wearing it throughout the year. A badge of honor letting all of Philly, or wherever you travel, know that you were at the place to be. And believe me, Penn Relays is the place to be!


    Buy your gear Thursday. Wear it on Friday. More on that soon.....


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