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  • Hot And Humid Temps Don't Have To Keep You Indoors

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    Hot And Humid Temps Don't Have To Keep You Indoors

    by Takia McClendon

    How’s summer treating you so far? I’ve been connecting with runners across the city, and it seems that the consensus is that the hot and humid weather has deterred many of you from running outdoors.


    I have nothing against the treadmill but if you miss running along the river or through your neighborhood, I want to pass along a few tips to help you stay cool while running during summer months.



    Don’t hit the snooze button: We all have busy schedules but that doesn’t mean you can’t wake up a little earlier to squeeze in your run or workout. Even if it’s just one day out of the week, wake up a little earlier so you don’t miss out on the benefits of running outside.


    Hydrate before your run: Get into the habit of drinking enough water every day to keep you hydrated during your workouts. Electrolyte tablets like Nuun are great to add to your water to help replenish and prevent dehydration and muscle cramping.


    Carry a handheld water bottle: You can’t always depend on water fountains to keep you hydrated during summer months. Find a lightweight water bottle that fits your hand comfortably that you wouldn’t mind carrying for a few miles.


    Wear lightweight, moisture wicking fabrics: From your hat down to your socks, your running outfit should be made with materials that are designed to keep you cool. Avoid cotton and anything else that may hold on to moisture and cause chafing and skin irritation.



    If you have any other summer running tips, be sure to share them with us via social @phillyrun. We’re looking forward to seeing you out there!


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