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  • Diadora Frequenza

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    Diadora Frequenza

    by Nina DeSilva


    Ferrari, Lamborghini, Pirelli, and…Diadora? Italy is known for their speedy and sporty cars, tires, and, apparently, running shoes. Italian–based sports brand, Diadora, recently released their own testament to speed: the Frequenza.


    Frequenza translates to ‘frequency.’ Soundwaves. Vibrations that swing back and forth rapidly for what seems like an eternity. Turnover so quick it’s blurry. Diadora’s Frequenza is that in shoe form.



    Shoe Makeup:


    The Frequenza premiers Diadora’s own trailblazing Anima N2 technology, an EVA SCF, or Super Critical Foaming, that increases the shoe’s rebound by 40%, and simultaneously cuts its weight by 40%. A men’s size 10 Frequenza weighs in at an astonishing 230 grams, a women’s size 6 at 185 grams.


    The Frequenza operates on a total rebound percentage of 72%, which makes the shoe comparable to carbon–plated race–day shoes even though the Frequenza itself is plate–less. Still, like a spoon bent back and flung, the Frequenza springs runners forward with what seems like minimal effort, keeping turnover light and quick.



    Clearly a fast shoe, the Frequenza is the go–to for speedy workouts, tempo runs, and/or racing. Frequenza’s combination of reactivity and weightlessness makes it the ideal choice for races, or training for races, between 5K and 10K distances.


    Speaking of weightlessness, the Frequenza’s upper with microfiber overlay contributes to its airy, breathable feel. Its lightness does not compromise the shoe’s durability, though. The Frequenza’s outsole features Diadora’s tough Duratech 5000 compound, which ensures that the shoe wears better and lasts longer.


    Takeaways from the Frequenza:


    I decided to try out the Frequenza for myself as a workout shoe. On first impression of putting the shoe on, before even taking it for a spin, I enjoyed how locked in I felt in the toe box. Having a narrow forefoot, this sensation surprised me. Up until then, I was not aware a shoe could make me feel secure like that. The Frequenza allowed me to feel like my potential for speed was that much greater, like I already knew my toe–off would feel more controlled at a fast pace.


    Style–wise, I love the look of the shoe. The scalloped laces, the mixture of textures in the upper, the ultra–thin tongue, the salmon red/pink color way. Diadora nailed the look of their Ferrari shoe, in my opinion. It looks fast, which did wonders for me in believing I am also fast, or at least can be fast.



    On the run, that feeling was proven to be accurate. The shoe forced me to get to my toe faster, and worked alongside my stride style to pick up the pace easily during my 800–meter repeats on the track. The responsiveness and rebound was shocking. It almost made 800s feel fun, which is another thought I was almost absolutely sure would never surface post–high school track seasons.


    I tend to register for the longer distance races and have stuck to that for a while. But Diadora’s Frequenza reminded me that running faster could be enjoyable, that I can push myself to new limits in a different way. 


    The Tech Talk:

    Nylon air mesh upper with microfiber overlays provides support breathability, keeping you cool and comfortable while creating a secure lockdown.


    ANIMA N2 compound improves rebound by 40% while reducing weight by 40%, providing a light and responsive ride. 


    Removable anatomical EVA midsole provides step–in comfort. Feel the energy return with every stride.


    Special Duratech 5000 wear–resistant compound in the heel provides durable traction.



    The Finish Line:
    Looking for a speed shoe for your next race? Try the Frequenza out at your local Philadelphia Runner, or continue your online visit with us!


    PR Center City: 1711 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, PA

    PR University City: 3621 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, PA

    PR Manayunk: 4358 Main Street, Philadelphia, PA

    PR Glen Mills: 505 Glen Eagle Square, Glen Mills, PA


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