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  • "Are You Running Broad Street" And Working On Your Speed?

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    "Are You Running Broad Street" And Working On Your Speed?

    by Lionel Brahim Brodie III


    .....or the Hot Chocolate 15K/10K/5K. Or Philly Run Fest? Never too early to get ready for life after Memorial Day.


    Since we're talking speed, I'll be quick today. The footwear covered here is PRIMARILY reserved for those runs where your intention is to run fast. I do love walking around in a tempo shoe.....they look immaculate with joggers. And these shoes can be your racers or everyday trainers. But (in my almost immediate failure at brevity).....today we're talking speed.


    Are You Running Broad Street, The Footwear Era, wraps with race shoes next week (wait, should we chat Super Trainers – kind of the bridge between Tempo and Racers?), then we'll move to apparel.


    There are plenty of great tempo options carried by Philadelphia Runner. Here are just a few of my favorites.


    Note: the list below is in alphabetical order, not order of preference.


    HOKA Mach 6
    The Mach 6 is the lightest, most responsive Mach to date. The HOKA colorways are perfect for Spring and Summer, look fast, and all will pair great with shorts, tights, joggers, and half–tights! I mean I really love how sleek and streamlined this shoe looks.


    Pro tip from an amateur (me) – stop in (Center CityUniversity CityManayunk, or Glen Mills) and try these on before purchasing. I'm normally an 11.5 in everything and the size 12 felt right in these. The 6 has a snappy feel with each step, allowing you, me (sometimes), us to fly off of the ground while running. 5mm Heel–To–Toe Drop and extremely lightweight. Out of the three (3) shoes in this article, this is the second most responsive in my most humble opinion. It's the shoe that I'd wear most often as an everyday trainer.




    New FuelCell Balance Rebel v4
    Again, this is the shoe that changed everything for me (I should trademark this phrase). You do not need a break–in period with the Rebel. Right out of the box, right onto your feet, right into running or training (is there a difference?) or racing. 


    It’s super bouncy, and in my opinion the most cushioned of the three (3) shoes listed. This translates into least responsive, but in a good way as I tend to track towards more/max cushioned shoes. New Balance does a splendid job in making the Rebel 4 soft, spring, and snappy simultaneously (alliteration). 6mm Heel–To–Toe Drop, lightweight (as all tempo shoes tend to be), and if I were racing this weekend, or next, or the following.....I'd probably be racing in these.




    Saucony Endorphin Speed 4
    The most responsive of the three (3) shoes listed. I love the Endorphin for, well, Speed. We talked about the White/Purple/Orange colorway before.....it's giving Clemson all day (I didn't forget my state of South Carolina folks this time)!


    8mm Heel–To–Toe Drop.....loaded with Saucony upgrades to make the ride more stable.....the Endorphin Speed is a (great) option for stability shoe runners who are looking for a faster option to mix into the rotation. Secure fit, great for track and road workouts, and just writing about it makes me want to lace them back up and get out for some more miles.




    There are of course several brands not mentioned here with terrific tempo options. All great for everyday running, speed work, and race day. I could take up more of your day since the Phillies game was postponed until tomorrow. Or you could get out and sneak in a run while the rain is holding off. See you next week!


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