Last Minute Tips for the Broad Street Run

The Broad Street Run is one of our favorite Philadelphia events and the weeks leading up to it are a fun time in our shops. We know a lot of our friends, families and customers are running in the race this year so we put together a few last minute tips from our staff. Good luck and have fun out there, we’ll be cheering for you!

“Get to a Broad St subway stop early, early, early.” - Chris Mateer

Photo via Septa

Photo via Septa

“Pack warmer clothes to leave with gear check. Go to the bathroom line as soon as you get to the start. Bring extra toilet paper.” - Sarah Tampio

“Bring a garbage bag with holes cut for head and arms. Then rip it off like Hulk Hogan just as you cross the start line. Be sure to throw it away from any runners behind you. Major tripping hazard if you don't. “ - Gary Brown


“Bring toilet paper and some wipes to the start if you plan on using the porta potties...they tend to get gross pretty quickly!!!” - Stef Londo

“Extra change of clothes and a light jacket to change into if your race outfit gets wet/stinky!” - Daryl Santiago

“Body glide... all over!! And remember- have fun!! It’s the biggest 10miler in the nation!!” - Jason Fehrle

“Run in shoes and outfit that you are already comfortable with!” - Luz Bautista

“Write what time you want to run on your hand and you’ll PR! Swear it works!” - Rebecca Scardelletti

“Enjoy the free Dunkin Guy at the end.“ - Breandan Lyman