Tips For Beginner Runners

The idea of running is quite obvious for almost everyone who is thinking of fitness because it’s not only inexpensive but also can be done anywhere. All you need to do is look for comfortable running wear and shoes, and you are good to go. The good thing about running is that you will burn more calories than any other typical exercise you may be doing and therefore rejuvenate your mood while putting your weight under control. Also, running can help prevent diseases such as diabetes, stroke or heart problems. If you are a beginner in the running, do not despair because the following tips will help you to have a safe and fun running.


1. Get The Right Running Shoes And Attire

If you want to enjoy, your running experience begins by visiting a specialty running store or sportswear store to get the right running wear and shoes. In these stores, you will find experts who will recommend you for the best items to buy for comfort and safety. You will also understand why you should not use the same attire during summer and winter seasons because there is sportswear suitable for different seasons.

2. Consider Walking Breaks At First

Do not get overly excited about running that you just want to run and run from the beginning because your body is not used to this routine yet. As a beginner, you should run and have several walking intervals in between your run. With time, you will be able to increase your running time and reduce the walking breaks as your running experience improves. Also, at first do not run too fast because you will be straining your body too much. Running too fast when your body is not yet used to running may lead to overwhelming pain or injuries, frustration because you will tire fast and overexertion. Run at a moderate pace at first, and you can increase the pace gradually for long-term success.

3. Allow Your Body To Relax

After having a great first run, it is possible you will get excited to have the next run the following day or after a few hours. This sounds great but, hey, give your body a chance to recover from the pain you just caused it. Wait for at least a day before going for another workout. Your cardiovascular system and muscles just got a new demand and must be given time to adapt to this change, otherwise, it may cause some injuries and prevent you from running for some time or forever.

4. Look For An Inspiring Running Company

You can invite your best friend to run with you because when you run together, you encourage and keep each other on track. If you don’t have a friend that you can rely on, consider joining a running club. You can check out our list of local running groups, google one near you or rely on referrals to get one. The clubs have people who are at different levels in terms of experience. This means that you will not be intimidated to run with experienced runners because you will be placed with other beginners and you can grow together. The clubs will also help you find a good partner to run with, outside the club sessions.

5. You Might Get Some Side Aches When Running

Side aches can occur when you are jogging or running, but this should not worry you at all. According to Adrian Rubin, you should not eat anything two hours before running and if you want to take water or any other drink during running, take a few sips at a time. However, in case the side ache occurs, do not panic, walk or even take a short break. Press the side that is aching with your hands and try to breathe calmly. Until the pain is gone away completely, do not resume running.

With these tips, you are good to start your run, and within no time you will realize how fun and beneficial it can be.