Time for New Running Shoes?

Running can be a pretty simple sport when it comes to the equipment used. Generally all you need are a good pair of sneakers to get on your way, although some quality apparel and socks are nice to have too - not to mention a properly fitting sports bra for the ladies.


How long do those running shoes last though and how do you know when to replace them? We get asked these questions pretty often and unfortunately there isn't an exact answer. The lifespan of your running shoes depends on several variables including your running style, surfaces you run on, and your build so we put together a few things to pay attention to and signs to look for to help you determine if it's time to update your footwear.

  • Your shoes have a lot of miles on them. The most common rule of thumb is every 400 - 500 miles or six months and at least once per year. Keep track of your mileage and/or when you purchased your shoes.

  • You run a lot on roads, sidewalks, or rough trails. The harder the surface that you are running on, the faster the cushioning and outsole of shoes breaks down.

  • Your treads are worn out. Take a look at the bottom of your shoes and check the condition of the treads. The outsole of a shoe lasts longer than the cushioning so if you can see white midsole material poking through the outsole or the sole under the heel looks crushed, the cushioning is broken down too.

  • Listen to your body. Running in old, worn out shoes can increase your risk of injury. Sore feet, knees, and hips can be telltale signs that your shoes are worn down and the cushioning is no longer effective. Over time and miles, the cushioning breaks down and shoes lose shock absorption which increases the stress and impact on your body.


We know it can be hard to say goodbye to a pair of running shoes that have been with you through the ups, downs and miles but running in old shoes can lead to injury or hold you back from achieving your fitness goals comfortably. If it's time for a footwear upgrade, we recommend getting fitted for shoes every time you come in for a new pair of shoes or at least once every year. Stop by our shops any day of the week for a free shoe fitting and remember: the most important things when trying on new shoes are the 3 F's: Fit, Feel, and Function!