The Trails Lead the Way

Trail running is not for everyone. But for some, it's not just a run but something that is a little bit more. 

The physical challenges of trail running can be at times, demanding. The physical demand you endure comes by way of rolling hills, the elevation gain and loss, the changing terrain, the roots, the rocks, the slippery leaves and of course the occasional white tail deer suddenly emerging from off trail and jumping directly across your path scaring the life out of you! Even more reason your mental focus must be keen.  

For some runners, the trails lead the way in more ways than one. It's a chance to escape the suburban run. An opportunity to get away for an hour or more from the cars, the street corners and the pavement. Instead of cars, you get trees. Instead of street corners, you get a vast series of directions. And instead of pavement, you get dirt paths. And for some like myself, the trails have more to offer.

Personally, trail running never fails to meet my expectations. When I lace up my Brooks Cascadia, a proud Philadelphia Runner seller, I know that I am in for a great run. It was my weapon of choice when I ran my first trail Ultra and this holds true today. The grip of the Cascadia makes me feel safe. It's important to me my trail shoes give me that feeling of security. 

Trail running leads to an almost spiritual experience. The ever changing colors of the seasons is just one of the sights to be taken in and appreciated. A 3 mile path along the Brandywine Creek sometimes gives you a wondering audience of geese as they leisurely float down stream. Once in a while a Heron or two. But it's the feel that I love most. The feeling of tranquility and sense of solitude while in the company of mother earth's beauty reminds me how lucky we are as runners that we are able to do exactly that, run. 

And when the trails lead the way to the end of my run, it always leads to a better day, a better me. 

Written by Vic A. Vic discovered running soon after he found out he was going to be a Dad. He just wanted to be in a good enough shape to be an active parent. From then up to today, his love of running continues to progress. He runs because he enjoys the freedom it gives him. It's alluring and enticing. Outside of running, Vic likes hiking, traveling, and recently discovered the benefits of meditation. Oh, he's also a big Superman geek :)