The Pursue of Running: He Says/She Says

The Asics Gel Pursue 3 is a lightweight, neutral shoe. It features an engineered mesh and external heel counter for added stability. The seamless upper promotes breathability while a responsive midsole provides runners with a better transition between strides and greater comfort when running long distances. A couple of our staff members tried the Gel Pursue out and here's what they had to say.

By Vic Aguilar and Sarah Robertson

He Says:

As an advocate of Asics, the stability type running shoes has always done me well. For a number of years now whenever the new version of the GT 2000's come out, my feet are immediately in them. My marriage to the 2000's has been pretty solid. Sure we've had ups and downs, good runs and the bad ones. But really, it's all part of running.

That said, there's really nothing too severe with my pronation that prevents me from trying on a pair of neutral shoes. Enter the Gel Pursue 3 from the same family, Asics. I tested the Pursue for a few days. First by walking and eventually running. The Gel Pursue is basically the neutral version of the GT 2000. I'm happy to say the snug feel is still there and for someone who has narrow feet like me, it suits just fine.


The Pursue's less aggressive feel is a nice welcome. It's also gives you a nice transition of flexibility from heel down to your toe take off. The Gel Pursue is a specialty running shoe not found in big box stores, it's only sold by specialty running stores like Philadelphia Runner.

What does that mean to you? It means you come in to Philadelphia Runner and take the Asics Gel Pursue 3 for a test run!!


She Says:

With over 19 years of running under my belt, I have worn a lot of shoes, and chose NOT to wear a lot of shoes. The Asics Gel Pursue 3 is a light weight neutral shoe. I found the ride of the shoe  smooth and cushioned. The Guidance Trusstic System along with the Guidance Line made the mid sole of the shoe feel very stable. I did not find it to be too stiff however. If a shoe is too stiff, I will feel as if I am not toeing off correctly, and my gait and overall comfort during the run is affected. The Pursue 3 is a perfect blend of a stable feeling shoe without support.

The forefoot width is ideal and allowed by foot (medium width) to spread out and absorb the shock appropriately. The Gel and FluidRide midsole is light and responsive and the the ComforDRY sock liner was soft with great breath-ability. The padded more firm heel counter took a few miles to get used to but does keep my heel in place.


Overall, I would recommend this shoe to anyone who wants to feel like they have a barrier from the road and more stable feeling shoe on their foot. I would not recommend this shoe for someone who has a higher instep or prefers to really "Feel the Road" when they choose a lighter weight trainer. This shoe can be used for speed but held up great on a 9 mile Ben Franklin Bridge Run on a warm summer day.