Summer Challenge: Week 5

While we love running through the city streets, we're taking our runs to the trails for Week 5 of our Summer Challenge and having a special sale in our shops: $15 off of all trail shoes June 26th - July 2nd.

What's that old saying, variety is the spice of life? When it comes to becoming a stronger runner, variety is important to incorporate into your routine. Trail running offers a number of benefits, physical and mental, that can help enhance your overall running performance. The softer surface of trails has less impact on your body while the change of scenery can provide a much needed escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. 

For Week 5 of our challenge, we want you to join us on the trails! Post a photo of your trail run on instagram with #runlocalphl and tag us @phillyrun OR log a trail run in our Strava club with the title Trail Run #runlocalphl this week. We'll pick two winners to receive Philadelphia Runner gift cards on Friday, June 30th. 

If it's your first time heading out on trails, take it easy and remember that not all trail runs have to be technically challenging. Stick to flatter, dirt paths at first then gradually work your way onto steeper, uneven surfaces. 

Take a break from the pavement and consider hitting the trails on your next run. There are plenty of trails in and around Philadelphia to explore and some great groups like Chasing Trail, Wissahickon Wanderers, and the Pennypack Trail Runners to get out there with. 

Happy Trails!

Congratulations to our Summer Challenge Week 4 winner: Sarah from @multiplesmiles