So You Got Into The Broad Street Run, Now What?

Congratulations! You are 1 of the lucky 40 something thousand people selected to run in the largest 10 mile road race in the United States. 

Now what? 

First things first, it's time to gear up. Head into 1 of our shops to get properly fitted for shoes and pick up everything you need to get through the miles of training ahead. A few things to consider: appropriate apparel for the weather, nutrition, hydration, injury prevention, recovery products, and ladies - a good sports bra. Our staff of experts will happily answer your questions. Read more about our fit process here.

Now that you have the gear, start planning! We know it's tough to lace up your sneakers and head out the door on cold winter days. Sunday, February 25th marks 10 weeks to the 10 miler. Find a training plan that works for you and your schedule.

Team Philly Race Training

Team Philly Race Training

Our training group, Team Philly, is kicking things off on Saturday, February 24th in our University City shop. For more info on the Team Philly kick off party and run, click here.

We also offer individual coaching packages, whether you're new to running or looking to set a personal best. Click here to learn more and check out PR Coaching

Once you have the right gear and a training plan, get out there! The sooner you start running and preparing for the big race, the better you'll feel at the starting line. Explore new routes throughout and around the city, talk to other runners about their Broad Street Run experiences, and maybe sign up for a few shorter races like the Back on My Feet 5 Miler or new Philly Style 8K before May 6th.

We'll see you out there!