Shoe Review: ON Cloudventure Peak


By Steve N. 

Based on prior experience with ON running shoes, and their generally funky appearance I was 100% primed to not be a fan of the ON Cloudventure Peak.  However, I really enjoyed my trail miles while rocking the ON Cloudventure Peak.

The Cloudventure Peak are ON running’s lightweight, trail competition shoe.  They are the more minimal sibling shoe of the ON Cloudventure.  

  • Weight: 9.2oz (men's), 7.4oz (women's)
  • Drop: 6mm
  • Cushion: Mid Level
  • Neutral, Trail 

What I liked most about the Peak was the cushioned and responsive ride that it offered. The shoe felt like the love child of a Hoka and my beloved Nike Terra Kiger.  It provided the cushioning of a shoe that would typically weigh more and come with a much higher stack height.  As a trail runner with ankles that are always on the mend from the latest roll, I really appreciate a trail shoe that sits low to the ground.  While the Peak sits low, it doesn’t sacrifice any cushioning in the forefoot or heel while giving you a close to the ground ride.

The responsiveness of the shoe come courtesy the Speedboard that sits directly under your foot.  It provides a stiff enough ride to propel you through your gait cycle.  Additionally, the Clouds that are attached to the Speedboard move in any direction necessary with each foot strike.  The fact that the Clouds adapt to each step you take is a huge advantage for trail runners.  Basically, the cushion and response of the shoe changes with each foot strike.

While the great cushion and responsive ride of the shoe are incredible, I’m mildly concerned about overall durability of the shoe.  While the underfoot Clouds have fantastic traction out of the box, time will tell just how many miles I’ll be able to get out of the Peak.


As for sizing, the shoe does fit true to size, but runs just a bit long.  The Peak offers a snug, neoprene sock-like fit over the upper.  Since the shoe fits so snug and secure around the rest of your foot, sizing down a ½ size doesn’t seem logical.  I would suggest employing the heel lock lacing technique to keep your foot in place. (Check out this video for instructions.) The Peak comes with ample lace length to easily use this type of lacing to lock your foot into place.


Overall, the ON Cloudventure Peak is great trail shoe for racing and every day general trail use. You can try out the ON Cloudventure Peak and the ON Cloudventure at our stores. Come in for a gait analysis and shoe fitting to find a shoe that's good for you. See you on the trails!