Who We're Running With: Girl Scouts of Eastern PA

Hello! My name is Isa and I’m 12 years old and a Cadette in Girl Scout Troop 9934. I’m from Philadelphia, PA, and I’ve attended St. Margaret’s School since 1st grade. I’ve been a part of the Girl Scouts of Eastern Pennsylvania since Kindergarten, when I was a Daisy. I loved it then, and I still love it now!

Some things that I love about Girl Scouts are all the fun activities I get to do with my friends like go to Girl Scout camp and participate in fitness runs. Girl Scouts has connected me to people who have become my close friends, and I look forward to seeing them at events, meetings, and camps.

I’ve been running for as long as I can remember. I run cross country and track for my school, an d my whole family runs 5K races together. My dad originally got me into running, because he’s one of the fastest people I know. My best times are always when I have my dad running beside me, encouraging me to do my best. I don’t have any goals for running, just to keep my body healthy and to enjoy the race.

I’ve run in different races over the years, and I’ve always found Girl Scout races to be the most supportive and encouraging. It’s so nice to see girls of all ages feel strong, powerful and inspired when they cross the finish line. I’m really grateful for the opportunity to be able to run with kind, encouraging people throughout the challenge.


One of my favorite Girl Scout memories was when I came in 1st place in the Thanks-A-Lot Trot in the fall of 2017. It felt amazing! The Thanks-A-Lot Trot is a 5K run/walk through Camp Laughing Waters and is the second part of the Trefoil Fitness Challenge. My little brother, Teddy, was running with me when I won which definitely helped encourage me. He was initially reluctant to run, but he felt fantastic when he crossed the finish line with me, and that intensified my good feeling by 100 times! No one in my troop ran with me but I would love to see more girls at future races, because the overall experience of the race was great, and I know my friends would enjoy it. The course runs along the trails of the camp, and it was beautiful. I especially liked it because I love to run in the woods. My favorite part was when we got to roast marshmallows and make s’mores over a campfire after the race!

Girl Scouts of Eastern Pennsylvania is hosting another 5K run, the Thin Mint Sprint, in April. The run is on Saturday, April 14th at 9:00am at Fairmount Park in Philadelphia. My goals for the Thin Mint Sprint are going to be the same as always: Pace myself, finish the race in under 23 minutes, and try to finish in the top three. These are goals that I always try to keep when I run Girl Scout races. Mainly, though, I just want to do as well as I can, and have a good time doing it!


This year is the first year for the Trefoil Fitness Challenge, and I think that it’s a really fun and exciting way to encourage girls to get outdoors and get active. The Tough Cookie race, the Thanks-A-Lot Trot, and the Thin Mint Sprint make up the three-part challenge. Girls that compete in all three will receive a special Trefoil Fitness Challenge patch. All of the events are open to all ages, and boys can participate too! You don’t have to be a Girl Scout to participate, but I bet you’ll have so much fun, you’ll sign up! The races are also open to the general public, either as a series or individual races. The part of the challenge that I look forward to most is feeling good about what I’ve accomplished when it’s all over!

More information about the Thin Mint Sprint and the Trefoil Fitness Challenge can be found here.