3 Easy Race Training Tips

While training, please keep in mind the little things that help get you across that finish line (besides your tired legs and feet). Running is a popular form of exercise across the U.S.. According to a 2016 report from Running USA, 507,600 people completed a whopping 26.2 miles in the United States. This report also showed the half marathon to be one of the most popular races. Pay attention to everything your body needs and check through this list to make sure you’ve got all the bases covered for your next race.  

Pace yourself:

It’s important to focus and track your pace while training for a big race. This includes a running pace calculator which helps you record your pace so you can hit your goal times while also improving your overall endurance (which is essential when running long distances). Pay attention to your body and how it feels before you head out for a run. If there’s any muscle soreness or aching, take it easy that day and start fresh another day. In 2016, it was reported that 92.4 percent of runners acquire some sort of running injury. Timing your runs and not overworking your body are two awesome ways to keep your body injury-free, while still remaining in training mode.

Proper gear:

This one might be the most important, considering you can’t run a race without clothes and shoes! The easiest way to make sure you’ve got all the running gear you need is to do a head-to-toe check. Do you have proper running sneakers, targeted compression socks, jogger tights with performance fabric, a supportive sports bra, quarter zip for those chilly early morning runs, anti-chafe balm to protect your skin from chafing, a water bottle to quench your thirst mid-run, a moisture-wicking hat to block sun and sweat from the face, and last but not least...a foam roller to increase blood flow and stretch out those muscles? With all of these handy and in your closet, you’ll feel prepared for pretty much anything while in the midst of training.

Know your goals:

This goes hand in hand with pacing yourself! Writing down your goals is the best way to reach them. Find a fun notebook and dedicate it to your goals. Study and insert them into your daily routine so you are more motivated to hit them. Find days/times that work best for you and use that allotted time to focus on what you have written down on your goal list. Maybe it’s achieving your best time, doing a 20 minute cardio session before your run, or even just going outside to run instead of using the treadmill at the gym. Having a strict set of goals will keep you excited and ready to tackle the future!