Product Review: Nathan VaporKrar Waistpak

To say that I was more than a little dubious of the VaporKrar Waistpak by Nathan Sports before trying it would be an understatement.  For me, I’ve always equated a waist pack with abdominal chafing and annoying movements around my waist. Although not quite perfect, the VaporKrar Waistpak blew away all my preconceived notions.


Since I purchased the VaporKrar, it has become my go to accessory for every run from a 6 mile easy jaunt around town to an 18 mile trail race. 

The VaporKrar comes with an 18oz soft flask bottle that has a plastic backbone so it will keep some rigidity and form to it even when it’s empty.  Additionally, the 18oz soft flask bottle has a wide mouth which makes it easy to mix in your favorite nutrition powder before heading out for a run, or more importantly at an aid station during an event. 


Beyond the included soft flask, the VaporKrar has 4 pockets around the circumference of the belt that allow for storage of just about everything you could need on your medium to long runs.  The back Velcro pocket is reserved for the aforementioned 18oz soft flask.  The 2 side pockets are also Velcro and are a perfect place to stash gels.  Finally, the front pocket is a zipper enclosure that is perfect for securing a cell phone, keys, or additional nutrition.  An iPhone Plus or similar sized device would have no problem fitting snugly into this front pocket.

Another aspect that the VaporKrar excels at is adjustability, ease of use, and durability.  You put on the VaporKrar like you would any pair of shorts.  Just slide it up and over whatever clothes you’re rocking for your run and use the side straps to lock it into place.  As for durability, I’ve washed the VaporKrar 15+ times since I’ve started using it, and has shown no noticeable signs of wear.


As I stated earlier, the VaporKrar is ALMOST perfect.  Here’s one of the things I don’t like: 

Putting the rear bottle back in place after taking a sip is not tough, but it is definitely a 2 hand operation.  Having to use 2 hands is awkward or difficult if you carrying other bottles or trekking poles in your hands.  Being forced to use 2 hands can also be awkward if trying to navigate a tricky section of trail while keeping your balance.

2 pro tips:

1) Always keep the plastic backbone of the soft flask bottle facing away from your body when it is housed in the rear pocket.  This will prevent unnecessary rubbing of the plastic backing against your skin, shirt or shorts.

2) Wear the belt up high on your actual waist…Steve Urkel style.  This will allow you to easily slide shorts on or off if you have to stop for a bathroom break.


I would recommend the VaporKrar Waistpak ($59.99) as a must have accessory for anyone looking to go long this marathon season.  Having your hands free, and your goodies secure is an awesome feeling when logging big training miles on the road or the trail.  Be sure to try on the VaporKrar Waistpak at any Philadelphia Runner location before purchasing!  As with any Nathan product, knowing your appropriate size is of paramount importance.  I’m a size 31 waist, and fit comfortably in the XXS/SM.  Thanks for reading!

Written by: Steve N. Part Owner of a Construction Business, Proud Dad of 2 Miniature Dachshunds (Cordelia and Temperance), Self-proclaimed "Carrie Bradshaw of Running Shoes." Steve loves being out in the woods for a trail run solo or with a group. He runs because HE LOVES IT! Every time he gets done running, it feels like the first time all over again...AMAZING