Meet & Greet: Elite Gore Athletes

In less than 1 week we'll be kicking off Philadelphia Marathon weekend at our Marathon PREP Rally! Gore Athletes Zac Marion and Amanda Basham will be joining us for a fun 3ish mile run before hanging out in our Center City store to answer any questions and meet all of you awesome Philly Runners!


A little note from Zac and Amanda:

Hey Philly runners! I’m Zac Marion, a professional mountain ultra-trail runner, coach and soon to be doctor of physical therapy.

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I’ve been running for just 7 years and what started solely as a means to lose weight has turned into a total change in lifestyle. I’m a former fat kid (obese actually) that started running just to shed some pounds. Well, one year and about 100lbs later, I ran my first road race and became so inspired by the running community that I was hooked. Eventually I ran out of road and found the trails where I realized my strengths at 100-mile distances, winning 2 of my first 3 races. The last 4 years, I’ve raced as an international athlete and nothing inspires me more than the communal spirit behind the sport, no matter what language we speak. I’m very excited to see what the (B)east coast has to offer and to be running 26.2 with everyone!

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I’m Amanda Basham and I’m a professional trail runner and running coach. I started off running track in high school purely for social reasons. My last year of high school I decided to run cross country and realized I was pretty good at the longer distances. I ended up running collegiately for two years but got burnt out and started running on my own. I started on the road with half marathons and marathons. An injury after my 2nd Boston Marathon forced me to hit the trails and I was instantly hooked. It’s been 3 years and I’ve competed in some of the biggest ultras in the world, including Western States and UTMB. 
Although I love the trails, I have a new goal of qualifying for the olympic trails in 2020. I’m excited to join you in Philly and get my road legs back!

Meet, greet and run with the GORE elite at our Center City shop on Thursday, November 16th at 6PM!