Injury Prevention & Recovery: Protec Review

By Steve N.

A mere 7 days out from my “A” race for this fall, the Erie Marathon, I made a series of horrible decisions…

  1. An easy trail run on wet, technical trails…SURE!

  2. Wearing new trail shoes that I wasn’t yet comfortable in…SIGN ME UP!

  3. Spit in the face of karma by bragging to your friend how fit you are and how each run has you feeling like you’re floating above the ground…CHECK!

Needless to say, as the words were coming out of my mouth about my peak fitness, I rolled my ankle in horrific fashion on a wet, slippery rock.

Take a look at this:


My dreams of another sub 3 marathon were put on hold until a later date, and my immediate focus became recovery.  Thanks to the physical therapy advice of local Novacare Wonder Kid, Dan McConnell, and a few simple implements I’m slowly getting back into running less than 2 weeks after that photo was taken.

My current routine PT routine:

  1. Hot Compress – best to get a damp washcloth, microwave for 60 seconds and carefully apply it to the ankle.

  2. A series of ankle exercises involving a Thera-band (for resistance) that increase strength and range of motion in those severely damaged tendons and ligaments.

  3. Ice the ankle with an ice pack or a bag of frozen veggies.

Since I started back running earlier this week, I’ve been using the Protec 3D Flat Ankle Support for added compression and support during all my activities.  Protec makes a bunch of super cool PT implements including The Orb (a tiny ball of terror to work out knots in all the leg muscles), Foam Rollers, and various compression/support/stability wraps for just about every body part you can think of.

There are several features of the Protec 3D Flat Ankle Support that I love:

  1. Graduated compression from the upper ankle/lower calf down to the foot.

  2. Seamless sock like fit…all my previous ankle wraps had the annoying cut out in the heel area which would cause blisters and hot spots when trying to run in them

  3. Stitching/manufacturing…this compression ankle wrap moves with you inside your sock and shoe.  And it moves while still maintaining the extra support your weak tendons and ligaments require!

  4. No silly tailor’s tape necessary to measure calf or ankle circumference to determine what size you need.  Sizing is based off shoe size!

I’ll probably continue to wear the Protec support even after my ankle is 100% and I’m back on the trails.  I don’t even notice it while I’m wearing it.


While still rocking a mean set of CANKLES, I’m happy to report that I’m back out there with dreams of a sub 3 marathon later this Fall or Winter.  Maybe see you at 1 of 2 AMAZING local marathons: the Philadelphia Marathon on 11/19 or the Rehoboth Beach Marathon on 12/2!