Four Things You Can Do Now To Prepare for Race Weekend

Whether it's your first race or your walls are lined with race bibs and medals, running a race is a big deal. You put in the miles of training, now let us help you with the details. Here are 4 things you can do today to get ready for race day:

1. Look down. What shoes are you running in and when is the last time you replaced them? It's not too late to get properly fitted for shoes. Stop by our shops (we're open 7 days/week) or schedule a free shoe fitting.


Read more about our shoe fit process here.

2. You have new shoes, next up? Treat your feet inside those shoes. Good socks provide comfort and protection while helping to control the moisture (aka sweat) from your feet. Invest in a few pairs of running socks (Rule of 3: 1 clean, 1 dirty, 1 on your feet) made with synthetic fibers. Our stores carry several great brands with a variety of colors, cushioning, and lengths.


Pro - tip: Avoid cotton socks! Cotton is not a runner friendly material. It absorbs moisture and does not dry quickly. The combination of moisture and friction can result in skin irritation - blisters, chafing, etc.

3. Plan your outfit. You can't control the weather on race day but you can plan for it! Be prepared and have several options ready to go. Don't forget to accessorize! If it's cold you'll want to wear running gloves, a jacket or vest, and maybe a headband or hat. If it's raining you'll definitely want a brimmed hat or visor that breathes well. 


Pro- tip: Wear something with your name, running group, or other recognizable logo or words so that people can cheer you on! 

4. Sorry fellas, this one is for the ladies. After shoes, sports bras are the most important piece of gear for women. Unfortunately, the majority of women (something like 80%) are not wearing the proper size or type of bra for the activities they are doing. We know it's hard to find the right sports bra - but it doesn't have to be! Stop by any of our shops or schedule an appointment to get properly fitted by our staff of experts before race day. Select sports bras are 50% off with purchase of any apparel! 


Read more about our sports bra fit process here.

Our shops are full of the gear you need for race day and our staff is ready to answer your questions, recommend gear, and get you ready to run!