Build Your Fall & Winter Running Wardrobe: Bottoms

Vuori Sunday Performance Jogger

Vuori Sunday Performance Jogger

By Takia McClendon

Throughout the entire month of October, we’ll be highlighting key apparel pieces to help you build your fall and winter wardrobe. Although it doesn’t feel like it, cooler temperatures are on the way and you’ll want to have your cold weather essentials ready to go so that you can continue to run outdoors all year long.

If the thought of running outside when it’s cold makes you feel uneasy, I promise it’s not bad when you have the right gear. Follow along throughout the month and we’ll help you build your wardrobe piece by piece using the following categories:

  • Bottoms: Tights, Joggers and Pants

  • Long Sleeve Shirts and Base Layers

  • Mid-Layers: Half-Zips & Hoodies

  • Outer-Layers: Jackets

Oiselle Pocket Jogger Tights

Oiselle Pocket Jogger Tights

For our first installment, we’ll be talking all about fall and winter bottoms. If you want a high quality bottom that will keep you warm, dry and hold up throughout the winter, you’ll want to look for the following features (P.S. You’ll also find pieces to look out for in our stores this season):

  • Performance Fabric: Most athletic tights, joggers and pants will fall into this category. They’ll be great for fall days that are too cold for shorts but not cold enough for thermal layers or wind blocking fabrics. These will be a staple in your wardrobe during fall, winter and during cooler spring mornings.

    • Men’s Vuori Sunday Performance Joggers

    • Women’s Oiselle Pocket Jogger Tight

    • Men’s and Women New Balance Impact Tights

  • Thermal Lining: If you don’t think a standard tight will keep you warm enough during cold months, look for tights or pants with a thermal lining. Although they’re made with heavier fabrics, a good pair of thermal bottoms should still be moisture-wicking and fast drying.

    • Women’s Under Armour Cold Gear Tights

    • Men’s Nike Thermal Tights

    • Men’s Brooks Notch Thermal Pants

  • Wind Proof: Although these are a little more expensive, a wind proof bottom can keep you warm on those cool days you run along the river. You’ll usually find windproof fabrics in the thighs of your pants or tights. This allows for more flexibility in the knees so that you can feel warm without feeling stiff.

    • Men’s and Women’s Gore Running Tights & Pants

  • Reflectivity: If you find yourself running early in the morning or in the evening, you’ll need to invest in gear that is “high-vis”, meaning there are reflective elements to the garments.

    • Women’s North Face Motivation Tights

    • Men’s On Running Pants

    • Men’s Nike Shield Tights

  • Pockets: Okay fine, pockets won’t keep you warm but storage for chap stick, keys, your cell phone and a place to stick your gloves are essential for colder runs.

    • Women’s Nike Lux Tights

    • Women’s Oiselle Pocket Jogger Tights

In addition to the features listed above, be sure to check the weather before you head out for your cold weather run. Even though it’s cold, your body will warm up during your run and you may want to wear shorts or capris to avoid overheating.

If you have specific questions about apparel, be sure to stop by one of our stores to learn more about fall and winter bottoms. We’ll be doing special offers and promos all month long to help you build your wardrobe.