Broad Street Run Training: 1 Week to 10 Miles

By Nicole Cesare for Philadelphia Runner

Believe it or not, the Broad Street Run is less than a week away. All the training is about to be put to the test, and now it's time for the final pieces of preparation: laying out the kit, picking up the race packets, making your race day plan! 


As for me, I made two big mistakes last week. First, thanks to the changing weather, I wore some new shoes. And second, also inspired by the change in weather, I tried out some new exercises. Usually, new shoes and new exercises aren't a problem, but when you're in the final bit of training for a race, it's a pretty dumb move.

When I set out for my final long run, what should have been an easy 5-miler, I was blistered and sore head to toe. I ran down Broad Street toward FDR Park (one of Philly's underrated running spots in my opinion), but I was not feeling it. Or maybe the problem is I was really feeling it: my feet ached with every step, my muscles were cranky, and it didn't take long for me to get inside my head. 

At two miles, I thought seriously about quitting and calling for a ride home. But instead, I took a break, even sitting down for a few minutes to see if that would help with the sore feet. FDR Park on a gorgeous spring day is a good place for a break, which helped my mental state as well. After a bit I shuffled off, and while the rest of the run wasn't much better, at least I got the miles in.

I'm consoling myself with the idea that a bad dress rehearsal means a good show. And please, learn from my stupidity! This week is not the time to try any of the following: new shoes, new exercises, new trails, new food, new sleep routines, or really anything else. Next week you can do it all, but for now, play it safe and I'll see you at the starting line!