5 Reasons You Should Cross Train on an ElliptiGO


The ElliptiGO is the world’s first elliptical bicycle combining the best of running, cycling and an elliptical trainer. It was designed by runners as the ideal cross-training device delivering a low-impact, high-performance workout. The ElliptiGO can be used by healthy runners to cross train and is a great replacement for running if you are injured.

We put together 5 reasons why you should try cross training on an ElliptiGO: 

1. SIMULATES RUNNING. The ElliptiGO provides an exercise experience that is closer to running than anything else out there. The speed, handling and motion feels like you are running on air.


2. LOW IMPACT. It's a low impact workout that allows you to build cardio fitness while being easy on your joints. The smooth, elliptical motion provides allows you to work up a sweat while being gentle on your knees, hips, ankles and back.  The ElliptiGO is a great alternative for people who can no longer run.


3. FULL BODY WORKOUT. The stand-up position engages your core and upper body in addition to your legs.  It has proven to be an effective way to build cardiovascular fitness without aggravating injuries.


4. OUTSIDE. The ElliptiGO allows you to take your workout outside on the same paths that you walk, run and bike on. Several versions are compatible with indoor stationary trainers (3C/8C/11R) so you can train inside if you prefer to. 

5. PORTABLE. The ElliptiGO fits inside most vehicles and on a variety of roof, trunk and hitch racks.

The last, unofficial, reason to try out an ElliptiGO is that it's FUN! Stop by our Glen Mills or Manayunk shops to learn more about ElliptiGOs and take one out for a test ride, or schedule a time to come in here.