1 Week to The Philly 10K!

You've made it! It's race week and you should be feeling confident and ready to run strong. You are ready to line up at the start and run 6.2 miles through the best running city. 

1. Trust your training! You'll be running less miles this week to prepare your legs for Sunday. Make sure you're using the extra down time to rest and prepare for race day. Join us for a fun, easy 2 mile shake out run on Saturday at 9AM. We'll be meeting at Philadelphia Brewing Company - come for the run and stick around after to pick-up your bib at the Diadora Kickoff Party! 

2. Rest, rest, rest! We mentioned it in tip #1 but do not underestimate the power of sleep leading up to race day. Make it a goal to get 8 hours of sleep every night this week including the night before the race. We know race jitters might get in the way the night before the 10K but the extra sleep this week will add up and help you feel refreshed and ready to go Sunday morning. 

3. You are what you eat. Now is not the time to try new things or mix up your diet (unless it's all junk). Stick with what works for you this week, foods that are easy to digest, and make sure you are hydrating throughout the week - not just the day before the race.

4. What to wear, what to wear? The current forecast for Sunday is sunny and in the 80s. We usually recommend checking the weather on Friday or Saturday before the race as the forecast changes pretty frequently. Lay out your race day outfit the night before so that you aren't stressed out running around getting things ready race morning. Add 10 - 15 degrees to the temperature (your body heats up while you're running!) and wear clothes that you are used to running in. Don't forget to pack an outfit to change into post race! You'll receive a gear check bag when you pick up your bibs and we'll have a gear check tent for you to leave the bag at during the race. 

Pre Race Checklist.jpg

5. Have fun! The Philly 10K was created to give runners in the city a unique hometown race. We love this city and the runners who make this running community as awesome as it is. The 10K is inspired by you and put on for you. Enjoy race day and please share your experiences with us! 

Training: Week 10

Monday, August 20th - 2 Mile Run 

Tuesday, August 21st - Rest Day

Wednesday, August 22nd - 3 Mile Run 

Thursday, August 23rd - Optional Run, XT or Rest

Friday, August 24th - Rest Day 

Saturday, August 25th - 2 Mile Run 

Sunday, August 26th - The Philly 10K!

Training Plan Rundown

Run Days: Mondays, Wednesdays & Saturdays (long run) 

After you warm up, run at a comfortable, conversational pace for the planned mileage. You should be able to speak and breath pretty easily at this pace. If you're struggling to breathe, slow your pace or take a walk break. If you're feeling good during the last mile, pick up the pace a little and finish strong!

Optional Days: Thursdays

Thursdays are up to you and a good time to check in to see how your body is responding to training. If you're feeling sluggish or sore, take a rest day. If you're feeling good, go for a short, easy run or do a cross training activity like biking, swimming or try out the Elliptigo. Strength training is also good to incorporate into your training. 

Rest Days: Tuesdays, Fridays & Sundays  

Rest is critical to your recovery and injury prevention efforts, so don't ignore them! Your muscles need time to rebuild and repair themselves for your next training effort. 

Summer Running

We are big believers that training together is more fun! We're teaming up with a few of our partners to bring back our summer pop-up runs and inviting you to our weekly (free) group runs! 

Philadelphia Runner Weekly Group Runs

 Join us every week at: 

Wednesdays at 6PM in University City (3621 Walnut Street)

Thursdays at 6PM in Center City (1601 Sansom Street)

Thursdays at 6:30PM in Manayunk (4358 Main Street) 

All faces and paces are welcome to join our weekly group runs. 

Check our calendar for additional runs and other special events too!

Summer Pop-Up Runs

 You dont have to just show up to the 10K to experience running to the best places in Philly!  

We have 2 more group training runs across the city planned during the rest of training. Mark your calendars and join us!

August 9th: Bok Bar (Facebook Event)

August 25th: Philadelphia Brewing Company Shakeout (Facebook Event)

Summer Pop-up runs will feature giveaways and if you attend all 4 you will be entered into our Grand Finale raffle at PBC on August 25th with prizes from Federal Donuts, Shake Shack, Diadora, Philadelphia Runner, Ciele Athletics, and more! 

Sneak Peak!

The Philly 10K merch this year is looking awesome! Pick yours up at the Diadora Kickoff Party at Philadelphia Brewing Company